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Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. She already sang Starlight
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  2. The look of distain your avatar is giving me... I must have missed a week! When was that?
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  3. I'm sort of glad next week is the last one. Ten is a nice round number and it's sensible not to wear out her welcome.
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  4. She performed Starlight two weeks ago:

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  5. After Spiderman Homecoming, Far From Home, we can assume that the next one is called Stay At Home !

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  6. Nooo. She only said on TV last week that she was considering stopping them, but had decided to keep going.
  7. Photo taken moments before disaster.mp4
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  9. Sonny looking like he wants to die is always a highlight.
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  10. 'Off & On'?! Alright Sophie, reveal your PopJustice username immediately...

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  11. Sophie, where was Kit Valentine this and last couple of weeks (see my previous posts)?
  12. Sophie going from saying "I really mean that, you know, I'm not giving up on us" to ending Kitchen Disco next week, in the space of ten minutes, is the perfect summation of all my previous relationships.
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  13. Updated stats because I like doing these things ddd:

    Read My Lips
    9x Take Me Home
    9x Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
    9x Murder on the Dancefloor

    Music Gets the Best of Me
    Get Over You​

    Shoot from the Hip
    Mixed Up World​

    Trip the Light Fantastic
    Catch You
    Me and My Imagination
    If I Can't Dance
    If You Go
    China Heart​

    Make a Scene
    Off & On
    Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)
    Not Giving Up on Love
    Under Your Touch

    Young Blood​

    Wild Forever​

    Interlude: Electricity Band​

    A Spoonful of Sugar (Julie Andrews cover) (Afterparty stream)
    Crying at the Discoteque (Alcazar cover)
    Do You Remember the First Time? (Pulp cover)
    Don't Leave Me This Way (Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes cover)
    Gett Off (Prince cover) (Afterparty stream)
    I Feel It Coming (The Weeknd cover)
    Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover)
    Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Modjo cover)
    Like a Prayer (Madonna cover)
    My Favorite Things (Julie Andrews cover) (Afterparty stream)
    Over and Over (Hot Chip cover)
    Sing It Back (Moloko cover)
    There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey cover) (Afterparty stream)
    True Faith (New Order cover)
    We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn cover) (Afterparty stream)
    Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Baccara cover)​

    She really said "these hoes let Make A Scene flop so now they'll get it in full". I stan.

    My wish-list:
    Today The Sun's On Us
    I Won't Change You (it'll never happen)
    13 Little Dolls
    Making Music
    New York City Lights
    Another Day
    Nowhere Without You (it'll never happen)​
  14. I forgot how much of a bop Under Your Touch is ... Now that I finally had my post-lockdown haircut, Sophie decided to come for my scalp. Whew. (Now I really hope she finally does Make A Scene next week.)

    Also, is it just me or does Runaway Daydreamer seem like such an obvious choice to perform during Kitchen Disco? Think of all the meta comments she could make on the side.
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  15. Today the Sun’s On Us would be a perfect choice for an optimistic final set next week.
  16. She needs to sing at least one more song from Shoot from the Hip for the last one!

    The Make a Scene slayage is true Pop Justice! I remember waiting forever for that album to be released.
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  17. We need it.
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  18. I'm in shock from all the Make A Scene love! Hoping she does Can't Fight This Feeling, Dial My Number or Cut Straight To The Heart next. Tbh replace next week's disco with a performance of the rest of the album.
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  19. This week's Kitchen Disco highlight for me was Ray dancing in a Spider-Man costume for the duration of the stream. It was absolutely hilarious (in a positive way of course) how he kept on going, someone definitely felt the groove that day!
  20. I'm honestly surprised she haven't done Can't Fight This Feeling yet, it feels essential to be performed.
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