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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Will there be more tracks like the first single?
  2. Not if the songs she’s performing in her live show are anything to go by.
  3. K94


    Honestly, nothing so far is as good as anything on PRODUCT apart from L.O.V.E dddd. Ponyboy is the best though.
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  4. Somehow I'm just discovering this song she produced for Quay Dash and WOW what a bop

  5. Does anybody here also think “Hot Pink” is the best thing she’s done in a while? Perfectly encapsulates what I love about SOPHIE (but in a more dreamy way).
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  6. I love everything she touches. Sophie is one of those few musicians who can do no wrong for me.

    Has this one already been posted?
  7. One of my favorite SOPHIE co-/productions. Shit still bangs
  8. Literally the only song related to that Yelle album that I kept.
  9. As much as I like the last two songs, they're very much something I want to absorb while taking in a full body of work, like I'm not just randomly going: oh! I'll listen to Ponyboy. So this single trickling is not working for me.

    Give me Immaterial and leave the weirder stuff for an album I can listen to in full please and thank you.
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  10. I actually feel the opposite; It's Okay to Cry, Ponyboy and Faceshopping practically beg for replays from me. Plus I feel like the new material is better than anything on Product, bar Bipp and Just Like We Never Said Goodbye.
  11. London Little Cheekbones came though.
    Heaven show is now sold out.
  12. Paris show!
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  13. Agreed, I was thinking recently about how much I dislike the string of singles approach. Give me a lead single with an album to shortly follow, queen. Or just fucking BEYONCÉ it.
  14. I don’t mind it. Plus, I’m pretty sure the sponsorships for her live shows are funding the album and its videos, based on how she spoke about both recently, so it’s either this or get tortured by live versions for the next 18 months with possibly no release at all.
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  15. I still don't get why she's coming to Europe to play two shows on Tuesday / Wednesday. Did she find a good Skyscanner deal last minute?
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  16. She’s playing Sonar. The one year im not going... sis.

  17. HOW?!
  18. Shouldn't we have a new thread by now
  19. There’s no need for a new thread when the majority of posts are from the past few months.
  20. Ok
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