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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Our girl produced/wrote this one:

  2. I witnessed this live and it was just so incredible.

  3. I thought they confused her with Nile Rodgers with that thumbnail
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  4. AHHHHH. Must get tickets
  5. I had a little chat with someone from Gaga's entourage yesterday and they confirmed Sophie has produced a song for her. But it's still not sure if it's gonna make the album.
  6. IT HAS TO
    I have planted the seed and I will see the harvest
  7. Sam


    don’t fuck with my freedom


    i came up to get me some


    i’m nasty i’m evil


    must be something in the water or that i’m my mother’s daughter

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  8. Sis wrong thread Sksksks
  9. Is this from the 3 album set?
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  10. I love her, oh my God.

    The desperation in his voice.
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  12. Sam


    Oh my GOD I just realised scream
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  13. Not a SOPHIE song appearing in The Sims 4
  14. Bawp.
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  15. Guess we know where the BC Kingdom EP went
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  16. My mind is EXPLODING. Lass frooby noo, literally lass frooby noo.
  17. That's so Sophie!

    Living for this!
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