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Soso (Sophia Somajo) - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ordep, May 10, 2015.

  1. She has been teasing new music on her facebook for a while now and a few weeks ago perfomed a new song "OCD" (with Kriget & Ylva Falk)... and unsurprisingly, it sounds MASSIVE!

  2. I've been relistening to 'TTIDSDAEUIC' and I saw her posts recently too, how exciting! I love her.
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  5. Let me stan a bit.
  6. I love SoSo. I remember her Tumblr being super cool back when super cool Tumblrs weren't that common and popstars didn't have one.
  7. She's had more instant songs for sure, but it's a nice reintroduction to her sound.
  8. Wholeheartedly agree with the front page that Klein Blue is immense. She has always been the best in processing her own voice, and she's managed to create a very interesting sound here too.
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  9. Sapphire is amazing too, can't wait for more.
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  10. Loved her since Laptop Diaries. Her talent hasn't dimmed.
  11. This is what I imagine Natalia Kills' third album would've sounded like if the whole X Factor NZ ridiculousness hadn't happened.
  12. This is what I imagine The Knife would sound like if taken to their poppiest extreme.

    The video and song are honestly incredible. Peter's been going on about her for months but it's taken a video to really get me on board.
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  13. The music video is really excellent, isn't it?
    EDIT: The song is FIRE.
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  14. So so good! I like how she still does most of her things solo. As for the video , her solo shots are gorgeous, but I'm not entirely convinced by her interactions with the guy. Bring back the clown please!
  15. The video is so stylish. Great song too.
  16. BAWP!!!
  17. Mini-album coming March 31st!
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