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Sound of... 2018

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. The long list will be revealed on November 27th. Who's gonna be on it?
  2. Sigrid for the win, I guess.
  3. Sigrid is my latest find, I think her debut album will be pretty great.
  4. Sound Of... feels a bit irrelevant for 2018. Traditional promo cycles have been shattered and the old kingmakers have been usurped. Just let Spotify make a playlist instead.
  5. I'm not so sure, look at Dua it still took her a year to break through, plus there are still acts from a few years back that still teeter on the edge of the mainstream and still could break through. I still think there is place for the chart as Radio 1 and 2 still have a big influence on the charts in the U.K, look at Big Man Shaq for example, tbh I think in the last few years they have been striking a much better mix of chart music and pushing new music.
  6. Will this finally be Florrie's year???
  7. A few shitty rock bands
    This year’s version of Ragin Binman
    A few good RnB artists who won’t make it past the shortlist
    And no pop artists
  8. Astrid S and Billie Eilish should make the list.
  9. Only 1 artist from last year's Top 5 has released an actual album this year. I miss the days this list guaranteed an album release for the featured artists. It really has become utterly pointless.
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  10. Ray


    What's a Sigrid?

  12. Khalid already has an album and a US top 20 hit... BBC wot u doin sis
  13. @ohnostalgia ya girl Yaeji made the long list!

    Poor Astrid S
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  14. No Rina Sawayama though. Mess.
  15. I need her to release this and save my whole existence:

  16. That Superorganism group is particularly dreadful.
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  17. If things still work anything like they how they used to, Alma is probably already over sadly, since she's had a hit, followed by 2 flops. Sigrid I remain to be convinced by.

    Will check out the rest, but last year's longlist don't seem to have done much. It's a shame it's so difficult for new acts to break through at the moment.

    I'd have put Ina Wroldsen on the list. Her latest single hints that if she can find her Chandelier she could be the next Sia.

    Is anyone aware of any major label "manufactured" pop acts being launched soon? We could do with a new girlband.
  18. Lewis Capaldi should win this.
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