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  1. Amazing:




    So, what are YOUR favourite soundtrack songs?
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  2. [video=youtube;saalGKY7ifU][/video]
  3. Kill Bill was a great one:


  4. Mr.Arroz

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    ^ *the background music that plays as Cher Lloyd walks into the recording studio in slow motion*

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    Doctor Who Soundtracks for Series 1 - 4 basically.
  8. Didn't we have this topic recently?
  9. That was more for pop songs from soundtracks. This quickly took a turn towards the instrumental stuff.
  10. From the greatest soundtrack of all:

  11. [video=youtube;bUIElvJRyNU][/video]

    Never not amazing.
  12. Great choices KamikazeHeart - I was thinking of Aerith's theme when I saw this thread. I didn't realise until the other day that it was voted number 3 in this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame (only 1 of 2 video games songs to have done so)

    Also continuing the videogame soundtracks




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  13. Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favorite musicians of all time, the soundtracks for Final Fantasy VII-X are stunning. It's the absolutely best travel music I know, whenever I get nostalgic today I find myself coming back to the music more than the actual games.
  14. I loved the soundtrack The Chemical Brothers did for the film Hanna, it's fantastic how they managed to transfer their style over into a cinematic setting, which is especially prominent on Container Park.

    This piece that was used in the Doctor Who trailers this year is amazing.
  15. [video=youtube;B8IHzz576CI][/video]
  16. Plug some earphones in. If you aren't in tears by about a minute in, then you aren't human:


    This piece of music happens to accompany one of the greatest sequences throughout any of the 'Potter' films:


  17. RJF


  18. God. Yes.

    Was that played during the final Blackwater sequence? When Cersei's telling her son the story etc?
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  19. Rmx


    These can both make me cry any time, so gorgeous and nostalgic and amazing! Especially the last one is heart shattering.


  20. Following on from Ensare's post, Obliviate literally tears my heart in two every time I listen to it. Such a beautiful piece to accompany one of the more subtly emotional scenes in the films. It does such a wonderful job of conveying the urgency and imminent danger along with melancholy of what Hermione was doing to save her parents life.


    And if A New Beginning didn't make you burst with sadness, happiness, fulfillment and nostalgia all at once then you have no soul. I cry every time I listen to it without fail.

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