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Space Cowboy - Digital Rock Star

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Most of the album is produced by RedOne. Plus some tracks with Martin Kierszenbaum.
  2. Where's Nadia Oh?!
  3. So his first album was called Digital Rock... for the 2nd he's added Star to the end... I wonder what the next album's going to be called?


    Digital Rock Flop Star?
  4. His voice irritates me. Some people just shouldn't sing.
  5. I find it odd how his bio has neglected to mention his cover of "I Would Die 4 U" which is by far the best thing he's ever done (and would have been Top 10 I think if it wasn't for a cock-up on the label's part with an issue of ineligibility for the singles chart).
  6. Falling Down is excellent.

    I didn't know he did that version of I Would Die 4 U, wtf!?
  7. It'll be a download-only release titled Digital Rock Band Star. Coming to a few XBox's in a country near you, but otherwise ignored until Space Cowboy fades back into the distance.
  8. Nadia Oh appears on the album.
  9. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Is it a proper new album or an update of the first one?

    I know someone on here said that 'Digital Rock' was mostly not very good, but I still regret not buying it from a bargain bin when I saw it...
  10. That wwas probably me... it really is shockingly bad... in my opinion at least. Unless you like the MTV track the only decent track on there is 'Running Away' as 'Egyptian Lover' isn't even on there.
  11. Is this album coming out now or what?
    Was scheduled to be released this Friday in Germany but Amazon only has an Import version coming out in October.

    I'm a bit worried, because "Falling Down" is sadly doing no business at all so far. (#135 on iTunes, #102 on

    RedOne's track record's getting worse with each release. Did he ever produce a succesful song aside from Lady Gaga? I wouldn't go near him if I wanted to get a hit record. His production credits are FLOPtastic.
  12. Little Boots - Remedy
    Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
  13. It's also quite telling that RedOne's stuff is a budget-priced download most of the times. (Remedy, Fire Burning, Falling Down)
  14. What are you talking about? Taking Back My Love, Fire Burning and Remedy have all been successful. Everything else that has flopped has done so because of the artist or label involved. It doesn't matter who produces songs for acts like Kat DeLuna, Jada, Cassie or Backstreet Boys. They will NOT get hits.
  15. Tracklisting:

    1. "Just Play That Track"
    2. "Falling Down"
    3. "I Came 2 Party"
    4. "Boyfriends Hate Me"
    5. "Devastated"
    6. "Invisible"
    7. "Party Like Animal"
    8. "Talking In Your Sleep"
    9. "Imma Be Alright (Rent Money)"
    10. "I Want You Back"
    11. "My Egyptian Lover"
    12. "Falling Down (Remix Featuring LMFAO)"
    13. "Never Again"

    Better quality album sampler with your usual Just Dance and Poker Face reincarnations:
  16. Err...what?

    I suppose one can't complain though.
  17. "Falling Down" entery the German Top 100 at #63.
  18. tommie

    tommie Guest

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