Spagna-Call Me


Pink Champagne

After hearing this in dodgy clubs for the past few years i finaly found out what the ' do do do it' song was called, from a euro-contdown on one of the music channels-'Call Me' by Spagna. And its ace. Reached number 2 in 1987. The video has to be seen to be believed too
It's good, but personally I think Easy Lady is better. Her crowning glory though, is Love Is Like A Game that she released under the name Hot Cold. Actually she was in a duo before she went solo, called Fun Fun. They were, erm, fun.
I have the 7" single - I was 6 when it came out and I remember my Dad and my singing "Corned beef, corned beef, baby, baby corned beef now... chew chew chew it, baby please!"