Spain - Benidorm Fest 2024

St Pedro was a big flop stage wise but will still win the whole thing - he has the most potential out of everyone. Brillos Platino was fun, but the abrupt ending was a huge no no. I need Inés to be my best friend.
St Pedro sounded good enough but the staging didn't work and honestly, Spain struggles enough already that the low tempo makes me worried. They can't really afford to go full-blown low-impact like some other countries can.

Almácor had better staging and a more competitive song but he sounded awful live. If they sent him he would need tons of pre-recorded backing.

Nebulossa and Angy were both competent but neither have a shred of competitiveness in them. Both are coming for last place even if they nail it on the night.

I am truly scared for Spain this year, sorry to say. Not sure any of their options are fully baked yet.
I'm a Angy apologist, but as I have said many, many times before, this year is going to be won by a man. Since Almacor pretty much tanked tonight, this is only a matter of days for St Pedro to get the ticket to Sweden.