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Spellling - The Turning Wheel

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. "Little Deer" from her new album "The Turning Wheel"is out now and I am obsessed with the new sound she brings. AOTY material


  2. I was a little bit ambivalent about Little Deer but this one mm-hmm yes


  3. I loved Mazy Fly back when it came out but lately I've been listening to it even more than before because it's both perfect dissociation music and it helps me concentrate when I write. Both new tracks are gorgeous and I can't wait for the album, I love to see that she is giving herself more room to explore on the new tracks and that they properly breathe and progress.
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  4. Mazy Fly was amazing partially because Spellling gives me the same vibe of love for lo-fi dark synthpop with a folk/chamber undercurrent like early Grimes music, down to the vocal style, but also with more drama. As for the direction the new album seems to be heading, I'm here for it!

  5. The title track is out tomorrow alongside a music video, she's 3/3 with this new project for me.

    Still haven't been able to get into Mazy Fly but I'll persevere because I'm sure it's one of those records that will suddenly click and make me fall in love.
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  6. The album is absolutely spectacular! She has really developed to a new level, the instrumentation sounds insane and the mythology and world-building is unlike anything I've heard before. This is the equivalent of her big pop moment, just a flawless collection of fully realized tracks that sound both minimalist and epic at the same time.
  7. I'm halfway through the album, finished listening to the gorgeous Boys at School, and I'm just soaking in the songs and revelling in the whimsical yet much more grounded than the past two albums' musical direction so far.
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  8. So this is kinda taking off a bit with the recent theneedledrop review.

    Not gonna lie, I did check the album out because of it and I'm glad I did. Had totally wrote her off as I struggled to get into Mazy Fly.
  9. I didn't love this at first, but now I'm addicted. Little Deer, Always, Boys at School and Revolution are all jaw-droppingly beautiful songs.
  10. Thanks to HipsterJustice I discovered Spellling and was quickly obsessed. Now the PJ Charts let me know she had a new album out and HOLY SHIT. I’ve only seen the videos for “Turning Wheel” and “Revolution” but I feel confident in saying this is a modern The Kick Inside. The piano! The story telling! The vocals! I’m gonna DIVE headfirst into this album and live there a while
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  11. An interview and perfomance from a couple of weeks ago for KEXP. I thought someone already post it already.

    PS: Can someone update the name of the thread to current album's name?

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  12. By the second song on my first listen through and I run to bandcamp to grab a vinyl and there’s only 2 left! Yes I did snatch it up without even finishing the album!! @Oleander @Jonathan27 @P’NutButter @Phonetics Girl @slaybellz may all enjoy this? At least give “Turning Wheel” a listen and see!
  13. Thank you for the tag sis! Today was a bit of a hellscape so I want to dive in with a fresh mindset tomorrow.

    And yes I did just watch the Fantano review and it made me even more hyped nn.
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  14. This album is a cultural reset.

    I need more time with it to really parse my thoughts but immediate standouts are Always, the title track, Boys at School and Queen of Wands. The title track in particular made me feel a very disorienting sense of peace and happiness, almost like I was in church again back when I believed? Nn I don't know if that makes sense but this feels very indebted to Kate Bush while also flourishing based on its own strengths.
  15. The album really is amazing and have played it various times. My boyfriend also fell in love with it. Her being based in the Bay Area like me is also very cool. Always here to support local POC talent.
  16. This is the best album of the year. Can we move her to the main forum?
  17. So in this time when I'm balancing new music with revisiting the year's highlights, this is the album that's cementing itself as my favorite. I just can't find any flaws, any track that's less than utterly spellbinding, anything that lowers the insanely high bar she sets with Little Deer, and even that one's pretty mid-tier compared to everything that follows. The second half in particular, with all those sprawling epics, one better than the other, it's all just flawlessly sung and produced. It sounds like a Solange album made by Kate Bush, but it still can't really be compared to the either. It's really an experience. Even after spending so much time with it, it still keeps unravelling, cause that is its level of its attention to detail. Having the songs like Boys at School, The Future, Magical Act and Revolution all on the same album? Actually managing to tie these monstrosities together in a cohesive body of work while maintaining the perfect flow? I mean that's talent. I can't possibly see where she could go from here because it sounds like a magnum opus, it sounds like one for the books, it sounds as grand as its concept. How do you even follow up something like this?
  18. This tea!
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