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Spice Girls, GEM, Geri leaks

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. It is already better than most of the Forever tracks and the 2007 songs. That is quite an accomplishment given that they are two members down, and the last album from all three members came out ten years ago. They still got it!
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  2. It's a nice song, and it's growing on me, but they're gonna to leak a song as amazing as Holler to bring me fully on board.
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  3. SBK


    Yes Mrs. Halliwell, thank you Mrs. Halliwell I won't leak your album, Mrs. Halliwell.
  4. The leakage has been mentioned in The Metro. Fans have been begging G.E.M. not to release Song For Her because it'll 'ruin their legacy' and...it sounds like Eurovision!

    I swear the quotes used are from this forum. I'm quite certain of it.
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  5. SBK


    They probably are, and the quotes would be fairly accurate. Song for her is cute, but its not worth launching a whole new campaign for. Its lacking something.
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  6. I doubt Song For Her was completely finished, it sounds like a demo basically. If it is finished then it's definitely not a song to come back with but it's fun.
  7. Dehydration had already taken hold I see.

    Like the Kylie fan that traveled from Spain just to sing with her and waited across the street from her home. So bloody creepy!

    I don't believe it was Kevsie who leaked it, I think it was his mate the Geri obsessive.
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  8. It needed polishing same as the leaked 1999 pop tracks but it definitely has the strength to be a hit single.

    I'd give it an intro and a ending though. But overall it's 90%+ fabulous.
  9. Decent enough song, but it's in desperate need of a key change! I like it though.
  10. It's quite nice. Not terrible, not amazing. The type of song I'll probably jam to for a few days and return to once every now and then if I feel like a Spice binge.
  11. At this point, any new material is a bonus. You don't want new material and just keep the old songs that you like? Don't play it. You want new material? Then prepare to be disappointed or be surprised. I don't think Song for Her is even included in their top ten worst songs.
  12. Phenomenal Woman needs to be a GEM song! Give me 60s sass and short skirts!
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  13. Is Geri's leaked album even worth it to listen? I couldn't even finish Phenomenal Women.

    Edit: I just checked Geri's instagram. She just posted a screenshot of her and Mel B in a video call with each other! Gem never ends!
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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    If there's any more tracks from the Schizophonic sessions, I'd love those to leak.
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  15. SBK


    Can @Kevin leak 100% Pure Love. Thanks.
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  16. 'Don't Call Me Baby' was originally a track from that era. There is also an alternate version of 'You're In A Bubble' with a Marilyn Monroe improv.
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  17. I finally got around to downloading "Song For Her" and it sounds like a fucking CLEA b-side.

    I love it.
  18. Isn't that already out there? Or is there another version that remains unheard?
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    The Almighty Mix is, the studio version has never leaked other than in a looped form.
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  20. It's a cute and fun song but I doubt it will sell well.

    As long as they don't release it with the name "Spice Girls", I don't mind getting new music from GEM.
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