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Spice Girls, GEM, Geri leaks

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. Kylie has the RAH show on Sat so if she's doing it she'll be there Sunday for sure.
    Let's see.
  2. It is the Olympics all over again!
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  3. The celeb duets will be on Saturday because all 3 finalists do one and someone gets voted out at the end of Saturday's show.
  4. Ah yes!
  5. If this is true, I will be so shook.
  6. Me too, but everything she told me so far this series has been true!
  7. I don't mean to probe but are they supposed to be doing their own performance or with the contestants?
  8. I was told they're performing with 5AM. Not sure if they get to sing alone yet.
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  9. I love Sinitta!
  10. UGH! I was hoping they'd perform with Spice Stan Saara. Thanks though!
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  11. They will recreate this and you will deal

    I love the tall one, so sassy!
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  12. If they are with GEM, 5AM will probably do the first half of the performance on Say You'll Be There, then they'll bring out GEM and X Factor will wheel out last year's Reggie n Bollie Spice Up Your Life instrumental.
  13. The dark skinned lad is the money in that group. The others are good but he's super talented.
  14. Of course they should!

    This will be the first Spice Girls performance in four years, and the first Spice Girls performance as a trio!

    They will probably steal the thunder from the winner.
  15. Well it's more believable that GEM would duet with 5AM than the The Weeknd. He doesn't even give interviews!
  16. Gem should be judges next year! Then they would mentor the groups, but the main goal is to use the show to promote their new album and singles!

    Having an entire group as judges will be a first for X-Factor too.
  17. Putting the album out the week before the single felt like a shitty move considering the single was for charity.
  18. Technically as a quartet as Geraldine is with child.
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  19. They won't be.
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  20. I didn't say they would be.

    I don't think getting the #1 position was their priority. They only performed once in UK TV. But maybe they were expecting better results since it was a Charity single and Emma's Children in Need single went to #3 in 2006.
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