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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Obviously. Never mind, that Gem doesn't only care about money.
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Wait this is actually happening? I thought it was just a picture.
  3. It is. There's already a press release from the group. And why would Victoria wrote exciting for the caption if they just met for a picture?

    Obviously they would be doing something as a group in the future.
  4. I hope the thing about Victoria ensuring she won’t have to sing is true. I actually like her voice and she will always be my favorite Spice Girl but it’s just so fabulous and hilarious...”Pay me oodles of money but don’t expect me to do anything but stand around and pout.’’ Yas Queen.
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  5. She didn't even sing in Wannabe. Plus I always prefer the album version of 2 Become 1 so I want Geri to sing a verse during 2 Become 1's performances.
  6. I much prefer Victoria’s voice to Geri’s.

    They used to have to dilute her voice with four others, now it’s ninety-nine. . .

    Kidding of course, but I really hope that whatever the plan is, it’s something I can get on board with.
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  7. Seeing as Victoria herself doesn't even value her own voice by saying they turned her mic off when they clearly didn't I really couldn't care less if she sings or not. Obviously if she didn't and the four others did it would look rather odd so I sincerely doubt she'll be amute for the duration of this reformation era.
  8. They should make a movie about the spice girls a biographical movie.
  9. The original reunion tour was incredible. I’d love another one (preferably one where I don’t get blackout drunk), and honestly don’t need anything else.

    That’s said, I’m not expecting anything to come of this.
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I would love a tour because I feel like I wouldn't get to experience my best gay self if I wasn't in the presence of Geri herself.
  11. Is this going to end with us all booming flights to Vegas...?
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  12. Nah. Probably to China.
  13. I just want a new 10 track album. I’m not asking for much.

    If this reunion is not leading up to that then I’m not that into it.
  14. Look at them all hugging each other pretending as if they care for each other when they clearly don't.

    Daily Mail has mentioned a new Greatest Hits and a show in China.
  15. Just stop.
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  16. No.
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  17. Surely they'll perform at least once? They're not stupid, they know that's what the fans 'really really' want.

    There's a few weeks until the BRITs, who knows?
  18. Living in China pays off! I’ve got to at least try to see them.
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  19. Cmom tour dates I am ready!
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  20. Geri can you now sing holler with the girls ? My spice dream would be complete .

    Take posh’s lines
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