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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Hyde Park might not be far off. There were rumours last year, I think, that they were planning a Hyde Park gig (probably as GEM). Doing it this year as the Spice Girls would be even bigger.
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  2. Isn't a tour with breaks still a tour? *confused* I'm sure it's quite normal to have breaks between countries anyway.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Any chance they'll sing at prince Harry's wedding?
    If we're talking 'big opportunities'...
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  4. Omg yes!

    I'm thinking of that legendary picture with him and the girls kissing him from 1997 now
  5. Victoria is lying about them not going on tour - telling myself this is the only way i can sleep at night
  6. It could happen. One of the Spice Girls is also deeply entrenched within Megham's inner circle. It takes a real Queen to be friends with future royalty...

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  7. I'm just living in the mindset that this is never happening to prevent any further pain.
  8. Say that to Taxi in full.

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  9. Oh god that’s it. And to think there were rumours that the awful ginger was going to be doing it, not the divine ginger.
  10. *nods*

    I've said it before... 20 dates across the globe, finishing with two huge shows at Wembley Stadium. 22 years / 22 Shows.

    A Netflix documentary could be filmed alongside them and the last two shows filmed for eventual release.
  11. Ray


    *checking if this is the Sky Ferreira thread*
  12. Oh please.. we all know that Ellie Goulding will be singing at Harry's wedding for whatever reason.
  13. I love The Vicar of Dibley.

  14. Would anybody care if Victoria mimed every single one of her lines? I know I'd frigging love it.
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  15. I have actually always liked her voice. She originally only said she couldn’t sing as justification for a career switch into Fashion.
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  16. Victoria underrates herself. She’s hardly, say, Kimberley Walsh.
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  17. I love how some you say end it with some stadium dates etc. There is no ending it! Sadly this is now the future of all ex-pop banders in my opinion, the constant expectation of demanding reunions at anniversaries of their first single release, their first tv performance, their first album release or last vice versa...and I'm guilty of it myself...They're gonna be 60 and we're still not gonna leave them alone!
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  18. "I'm always going to be seen as baby spice even when I'm…….30 60."
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  19. So nineties!
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