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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. No Delta list is complete without this banger:
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  2. Oh my God is that actually her?
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  3. Yes!
  4. Surely they're friends and he's mocking her dancing?
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  5. Oh my god I'm howling.
  6. There is so much wrong with this.

    (She dealt with it well though.)
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  7. As soon as I saw this I thought “TOUR ENTRANCE!”
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  8. Ha, she's apparently been around since 2001, not too far from geriatric ward herself. That's a long time in the biz these days. I find it strange I haven't caught the name, I was pretty actively into pop music up until ca 2012.
  9. What the...what?
  10. The funny thing is she attends my dance class every few months & she's pretty darn good.
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    Is she as beautiful in person?
  12. I've always been too scared to speak to her in dance class, as I am with any celeb that attends. That said, I have interviewed Delta before, and she is lovely/stunning/all the things.
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  13. Let’s face it Geri had the best solo career her songs are just the best
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  14. (Delta has a new single out on Friday called Think About You - just for the heads up)

    Love Delta’s fandom for Spice Girls!
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. But wait! Look at what Victoria is wearing on this iconic album cover...[​IMG]
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  18. and at the Albert Hall...

  19. She's fucking dull. I'll lap up any old female singer songwriter/ex soap star shit but Delta is the blandest of the bland. She makes Leona Lewis look edgy.
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