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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Schizophonic, Northern Star and Free Me are the three best solo albums easily. The Solo Spice Girls holy trinity if you will. Three perfectly executed eras with fabulous singles, b sides, music videos and for me little to no filler. I would argue a case for any of those three being named best Solo Spice Girl album.
  2. I'll never pass up the opportunity to post this.
  3. Wasn't Schizophonic a rushed album? I remember listening to it once, a side from the singles nothing stuck out. Where as Melanie C had strong albums from start to finish. In my opinion anyway.
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  4. I don't think Schizophonic felt particularly rushed. I can see that Geri quickly needed to put something out in order to keep her name out there, especially after leaving the Spice Girls and Look At Me going to #2. But even if the album was rushed to be put out, the album itself is very quintessentialy Geri and so representative of her at the time. It had the spark, the energy, the bundles of fun, as well as the softer more introspective sides. She definitely sold that album to hell and back. It's by no means a classic album but it's very representative of Geri as a person and everything that enabled her to be the personality that she was back in the day. It has a good mix of genres that enabled it to be a pretty fun album.. and very Geri. It's basically the perfect look into Geri's life and what she thought of it. It's not the best work ever, but it's a solid display. I don't think you get a lot of pop albums that definitely put one's personality on display that feels so similar to who they are, as well as being kind of a fun bit of joy to listen to.

    This song is probably the most interesting and it was a B-Side. Yeah her vocals are not good for the most part in general, but I think the character in her voice sells the song:

    If only she was able to expand from this album much better than what we got afterwards.
  5. Round everything off with a James Cameron-directed telecast 29 song concert live from Istanbul.
  6. Given the current political climate I don’t see them in Instanbul. It would HAVE to be London.
  7. For me, the holy Trinity of the Spice Girls solo albums is Schizophonic, Northern Star and A Girl Like Me! Those were peaked Spice and each album had at least one number-one single!
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  8. Yes.
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  9. Geri and Emma win the personality contest, but Northern Star is the best solo album.
  10. Northern Star came out of nowhere to become not only the best and most successful solo Spice album, but also one of the best debut albums of the 90s. It's a truly accomplished piece of work and a well-deserved classic.
  11. Northern Star did that. A million sales in the UK alone, no? I remember seeing all sorts buying it back then even here in Greece
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  12. Geri was lucky to have the Absolute boys on her debut album. Spice Girl fans were easily able to latch onto the hooky melodies and production and it was a continuation of that sound. Had she of ended up working with other people who knows if it would have been a success. I also think they knew how to work with Geri's vocals.
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  13. I wouldn't say she was lucky. They clearly worked well together (was it them that said she contributed the majority to a lot of the Spice Girls songs?) so they worked together on her debut, it just made sense as they "got" her.
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  14. Northern Star is a amazing album. Still enjoy it today.
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  15. I think Reason is a perfectly cute album if you're in the mood for that kind of thing, but as the follow-up to Northern Star I was really disappointed. Mel could have done herself so many favours by gong into the 2000s not thinking more guitars = more credibility. I can only imagine how great a Mel C album could have been in 2003 if she'd tapped more into the synthpop and R&B influences that were rising at that time and mixed that in with her 'rocky' stuff. I hate to be that guy but, Holly Valance's State of Mind sang by Mel C? Yes please.
  16. Northern Star is a brilliant record. A well-crafted album with strong vocals and a good selection of styles, all of which Mel conquers with ease.
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  17. Schizophonic for me, is the most "Spicy" album. It sounded more like a Spice Girls album anyway than the actual Spice Girls at the time of it's release, so I suppose I always hold it in a favourable light.

    The genuinely brilliant albums are Free Me and Northern Star, but neither of those have 'Walkaway' on them so...
  18. Those 'Regan from The Exorcist' vocals though. How can you sing ballads when you sound like Satan?
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  19. Geri's always been the best solo "star" for me but Melanie C did have some great pop songs too.
  20. Melanie actually broke out and sold her album to people that weren't Spice Girls fans all over Europe / world. Didn't Geri only really sell in the UK?
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