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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. The only filler track is Goodnight Kiss. I like Northern Star but it’s almost too diverse for me- some songs just do not sit well together.
    I remember reading somewhere that the Spice Girls have the Absolute Boys an ultimatum- then or Geri- which they really didn’t take kindly to.
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  2. Not really Geri was pretty big around Europe for a while and Schizophonic was certified Gold in the US. I believe on her first website sales of Schizophonic was listed as 1.5 million worldwide which seems believable compared to inflated wikipedia totals. That means she sold a million copies of the album outside Britain.
  3. Wasn't Geri's the only one to reach the top 100 in the US?
  4. Geriola doesn't count. Anyway Melanie had multiple hits around the world, Geri only really had Raining chart well.
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  5. I agree with @Vasilios in terms of Mel C actually getting Northern Star to appeal to non Spice Girls fans.

  6. Would Geri lie?
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  7. Worldwide, Geri's Its Raining Men is a bigger hit that all of Mel C's singles.
  8. A lie but also a cover of a huge hit and off the back of that year's biggest film, so, it's not really the same, now, is it? It was a fluke. While Mel had When You're Gone, Never Be The Same, I Turn To You - maybe even Norther Star, all big genuine hits.
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  9. He


    But it isn't nearly as good as Never Be The Same Again or I Turn To You, is it.

    In the end they both did pretty well, and Emma did amazing music as well.
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  10. Its a genuine hit. Let's not downgrade it to something else just to make the other singer look more successful. Its Raining Men also has more streams than any of the solo Spice songs. That can't be a fluke. Meanwhile, I Want Candy which is both a cover and a soundtrack of a film flopped. While I can also argue that When You're Gone is a Bryan Adams single and Never Be the Same Again is a duet.

    That is false
    Mi Chico Latino:
    Spain #7
    Finland #6
    Ireland #9

    Look at Me:
    Australia/Canada/Italy #3
    Finland #8
    New Zealand #1
    Spain #2

    Ride It:
    Belgium/Spain #3
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  11. O wow what a smash!
    She can tour Europe anytime and sell out.
  12. It was a smash. So your claim that Geri didn't have a hit aside Its Raining Men outside the UK is false.
  13. Oh my God what has this thread turned into?

    Tour announcement now please girls!
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  15. Even if it was for a cover Geri achieved something very prestigious as a solo artist the French NRJ award for best international song.

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  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    The only difference between how Geri’s solo career went and how Mel B/Victoria’s solo careers went was that Geri abandoned ship and took advantage of the chaos to build up solo career momentum, realistically. It was a shrewd decision.
  17. Schizophonic - #42 (Billboard 200)
    Northern Star - #108 (Billboard 200)
    Free Me - #30 (Heatseekers)
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  18. Also lets compare debut eras outside the UK:

    Melanie C
    Three Smash hits and actual Number 1s around Europe (incl. When You're Gone)
    3 cute smaller hits
    Huge album sales
    Massive Radio airplay
    A proper tour of UK and Europe with multiple legs, usually sold out shows.

    One cute semi-hit off the back of her leaving the Spice Girls
    Mi Chico Latino charting Top 10 in 2-3 countries
    A few singles that charted at no 178 everywhere
    A few spins on Gaydar Radio
    One date in Pacha Ibiza to high tourists asking for Groovejet

    It's easy to see who won.
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  19. Its not a contest. Geri still have more #1 singles singles in her home market which is more important as the Spice Girls as solo acts aren't really worldwide acts.
  20. Listen. My Dad's bigger than your Dad so I win!
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