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Spice Girls: New Album, Tour?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hags, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Expectations from the fans are so high they will need meet them whatever they do.
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  2. Ray


    The new song/album/tour/lingerie/perfume/TV show is shit, and I can't believe they reformed only to spoil their legacy like that!

    There. We can close the thread xx
  3. But Victoria looks fierce.

    Now we can close the thread xx
  4. The only letdown will be if they don't do anything as a group. Their official rep now is pointing the media to Victoria's recent statement - in regards to their plans. *sad*


    - Apparently she had her bunion removed broke her foot?
  5. Oh I’ll eat up whatever they give us. They interest me so much more than any other girl band so even mediocre output is worth seeing them together doing something.

    Icing on the cake would be new music though and I don’t care if it doesn’t live up to the first two albums. Just hearing them all on the same track is magical.
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  6. They really should have done a tour DVD. If they ever tour do a proper DVD release please.
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  7. Poor Victory, Having to go to such measures in order to not have to tour.
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  8. Taken from the book Spice Girls Revisited by David Sinclair
    There is an "adult" side to the group which, according to Stannard, has yet to be fully revealed. "Whenever they do get around to doing a greatest hits we've got 3 or 4 tracks that are mastered and could go on a bonus disc," Stannard said. "In fact I think there are at least 7 or 8 songs that have never been heard by anyone other than me, Matt [Rowe] and the girls."

    "There was Feed Your Love which was a kind of downtempo, quite erotic song. It was "feed your love" as in "giving a blow job". That had Geri rapping in it. It was a great song, but too rude and probably a bit downtempo for the first album. Even now, it's one of my favorite records that they've ever done. And I think it was one girls' favorites. There's another one called C U Next Tuesday which is also a bit rude when you look at the initials of the title. That was about dumping a bloke politely, but obviously that one wasn't allowed either."
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  9. Give me everything.
  10. All that joy can bring.
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  11. Yes, I swear
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  12. Potential live shows is a slightly different case (although those are now looking very unlikely), but I'd say the possibility of new music is absolutely zero. I can't see Mel C or Victoria ever agreeing to it, and imagine that the other 3 are quite embarrassed by the shambles of the 'three-Spice-Girls-on-a-bed-with-an-iPhone' GEM affair. I also think some fans on here confuse the massive public interest in the Spice Girls as a nostalgia throwback act with the public's interest in new music from the group, of which there is very little.
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  13. Yeah, the music would have to be really really good to do well, and even that would probably get them to "Radio 2 Album of the Week" level, with album sales similar to what Steps managed. But it would be nice for the fans and it wouldn't necessarily do their "legacy" any harm.
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  14. Ray


    I've never done this before... but I am going to tag @biff stannard and ask about this.
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  15. I wonder what tracks were created by the five piece at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin in February 1998. A session was definitely slotted in then however no one knows if it was only for writing or recording.
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  16. I wad gunna say I wanted to see them wearing big shoes again but not like that Victoria!
  17. I hardly ever listen to the live recording of We Are Family from one of the Goodbye CD singles but when I do I somehow always know when the microphone distortion noise is going to occur during the final chorus.
    It's at 2.54.
  18. I love the bit towards the end of that song (on the video) where Victoria and Mel C both do an ad-lib and look at each other and claim it was theirs.

    They should release audios of all their live shows (that were professionally recorded).
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  19. I’m at a Motown night. I wonder if they’ll do Geri Halliwell Mowtown-inspired classic Stop?
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  20. Mel B has recorded her parts for the new Azealia Banks single. It will obviously be iconic and pioneering and relevant.
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