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Spice Girls Singles Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Welcome to the Popjustice Spice Girls Singles Rate, you should probably know who they are if not here's a quick bio on them.


    Formed in 1994 after auditioning for Bob and Chris Herbert (who went on to create 5Ive) and originally called Touch and there was no Emma Bunton but someone called Michelle instead. During this time they worked on demos, then Michelle left and in came Emma, and eventually they wrote their first song together and they persuaded management to do a showcase but they still needed more work. After several months they changed they name to Spice and did another showcase however they were frustrated with the direction management was taking them in and eventually they parted ways. Eventually Spice tracked Eliot Kennedy down and persuaded him to work with them and they were introduced to Absolute who would go on and produce most of their songs along with Biffco. They then caught the attention of Simon Fuller and in March 1995 they would sign a contract with him and in September of that year they signed a deal with Virgin Records and went on to write and record their first album. 7 June 1996 they released their debut single Wannabe as the Spice Girls which entered at 3 before hitting #1 the following week and it smashed globally too hitting #1 in 31 countries. The next two singles went on to smash globally too as well. In 7 Weeks the album Spice sold 1.8 million copies in Britain making them the fastest selling act since The Beatles. Totp magazine also gave them nicknames of Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Posh which would stay with them throughout their career.

    After conquering Europe and other parts of the world they would go on to break America which they did. Wannabe and Spice both hit the top spot in the US and the other singles went top 10 as well. In March 1997 they released Mama/Who Do You Think You Are went to #1 in the UK giving them 4 #1s in a row. They went on to make their 2nd album and film of the same name Spiceworld which cemented their global domination and Spicemania really kicked in and so did the merchandise. However during the release of Stop, Geri Halliwell left the band and would go on to have a solo career. The other girls continued as a four piece and released Viva Forever the last single from Spiceworld. In 1998 they released Goodbye which was seen as a tribute to Geri by fans and would go on to be their 3rd Christmas #1. Also they parted ways with Simon Fuller and then began to manage themselves before returning to him individually in the 2000s

    In August 1999 they started work on their 3rd album which would then be released the following year. Forever was a departure in sound more R&B influenced and maturer with productions by Darkchild to name a few. The lead single was a double A Side Holler/Let Love Lead The Way wasn't as successful as their previous singles but would be their 9th UK #1. Forever didn't sell as much as it's predecessors and in a documented chart battle they lost out to Westilfe for #1 album. Eventually they would pursue solo endeavours before a sold out reunion tour and Greatest Hits in 2007. Headlines was the only single released from the album and first song with Geri since she left it reached #11 making it their lowest charting single to date. Later this year Viva Forever:The Musical is set to open in the West End.

    Below are all 13 singles like with every Singles Rate, rate these songs from zero to ten and PM your rates to me if you could tell me in here you've sent them without giving your scores away I would be very grateful.

    Say You'll Be There
    2 Become 1
    Who Do You Think You Are
    Spice Up Your Life
    Too Much
    Viva Forever
    Let Love Lead The Way
    Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

    The deadline is now closed

    From then on a song per day will be revealed until we get to that all important #1 spot. Happy Voting Everyone!
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  2. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I have voted!
  3. 3Xs


    Easiest rate ever. Wannabe - Goodbye = 10.
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  4. Sent in my ratings, hope you received them!
  5. Just sent in my votes!
  6. That was quick and easy! Sent.
  7. I decided to only let myself give three 10's out which hurt a bit when rating a couple of songs.
  8. This'll be fun! Shall send in my scores later.
  9. Sent mine.

    Only one 10, saved for their greatest moment.
  10. For some reason, I thought they had far more singles than that.

    Either way, let me put my thinking cap on for this. I'm rooting for Viva Forever.
  11. Thank god we can rate Mama and Who Do You Think You Are seperately. One is unbelievably shit and the other is undeniably amazing.
  12. I thought it would be fairer that way to keep the double A sides rated as separate songs.

    To answer jinzo I could have included this and this charity single but they're not really Spice Girls songs to me and they're both awful. They did have a few promotional singles like Move Over but I wasn't sure to include them so I went with the songs that charted.

    Thanks to everyone who's voted so far there has been a few surprises and it's very close within the top 5, so close there's a tie for 4th place which keeps switching between 4 songs.
  13. Sent my votes!
  14. I was never a big fan of them. I prefer their solo records. But they did one great song and a couple of very good ones.
  15. Too many good songs! Limited the 10s I gave to four that I consider just so perfect.
  16. It was really difficult to demote some from 10 for the sake of being reasonable. Sent my vote in.
  17. Sent mine in. At first I thought I was going to hand out at least 5 10s, but ended up giving just one. I have one clear favourite, but quite a few songs come pretty damn close.
  18. Have just sent my votes!
  19. Didn't we do this before?
  20. 3Xs


    ^I was thinking the same thing but then I realized that was a song survivor not a singles rate.
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