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Spice Girls Solo Career Post-Mortem

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. HRH


    With the exception of Melanie C (and I'm being generous), the Spice Girls' solo careers in music have pretty much run their course. And since it's impossible to talk about one without mentioning another, I thought it would be nice to have a group thread.


    I'll start things off with a thought about each of their respective solo careers.

    Melanie B:
    What the hell was she thinking releasing "Hot" barely a month before the big Spice comeback? The album should have been released in 2001, with "Feels So Good" and "Hotter" as the first two singles.

    Melanie C:
    She should have released "Gaga" as the lead single for "Northern Star". While I understand why she wanted to go with "Goin' Down", "Gaga" serves a similar purpose in showcasing her in a very different light, and is also just... a better song. "Goin' Down" was such a loud, radical departure, and they were forced to spend way too much time reversing the backlash.

    Geri Halliwell:
    I'm amazed by how gut-smart she was when she was promoting "Schizophonic", although I'll never forgive her for steamrolling over Emma's first single campaign.

    Emma Bunton:
    I live for her Motown sound and wish she'd released "Better Be Careful" as a single.

    Victoria Beckham:
    What was Her Grace Dame Beckham thinking with her bizarre attempt to become the British answer to J.Lo? She should have stuck to the UK garage sound, that was surprisingly perfect for her.
  2. People do the most to Hot but Feels So Good, Hotter, ABC123, I Believe, Step Inside are all VERY good songs. Her Word Up is also incredible, a real stellar Timbaland moment, but approximately no-one felt this at the time.

    Northern Star is a masterpiece.
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  3. HRH


    I agree with all of this. I don't know what the promo situation was, but I don't understand how "Word Up" only managed a #14 placing.
  4. Geri's solo career was my favorite. I love all three of her albums. Although I think "Calling" was a bad choice for a single.

    Melanie B's two albums were both quite different, but enjoyable. "Feels So Good" is ace!

    Emma's second two albums were great. The first was just ok. The second album and singles were awesome.

    I quite liked Victoria's album. I liked her unreleased second album even more. A pity that she gave up on music. "Open Your Eyes" would have been a fun single.

    Melanie C's Northern Star album was fantastic. Everything else was too rock for me. Although "Think About It" and "Anymore" were great.
  5. "Maybe" is one of the greatest pop songs of the last 20 years.

    And the video is amazing.
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  6. Emma's single run from Free Me, was so cool.
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  7. Victoria's solo career went tits up basically because Telstar went bankrupt. She could have released 'My Love Is For Real' as the follow-up to 'Let Your Head Go'.

    Geri's Schizophonic is a bloody brilliant pop album and she is a skilled pop songwriter. Her vocals work better now within the Spice Girls, than solo.

    Emma's three albums are perfect and compliment her voice and who she was/is as an artist. I would love more music from her, though I doubt it'll ever happen.

    Mel B has amazing singles (ignoring 'Lullaby') but the album tracks were mostly crap.

    Melanie C has Northern Star, but other than that (again) she has been hit and miss. Her voice isn't as strong as she'd like everybody to believe, either.
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  8. I also don't understand why Melanie B's solo album was released a few weeks before Forever. I get the impression she just wanted it out but it made so sense at all. I like Feels So Good but I loved Tell Me so I was happy it was released as a single. The album is just okay - 6/10.

    Emma's Free Me album is great. I never got into her album after that. Her debut was solid enough. I think Emma is more a singles artist than an album one though.

    Geri's debut and even Scream... were fun records and she showed her great song-writing abilities. Passion was terrible as was Half of Me. It was nice to hear her back to good song-writing when her Man on the Mountain album leaked.

    Big Melanie C fan here but agree Northern Star and The Sea are her best albums. It's good she keeps going and I don't really think any of her material is terrible.

    It's a shame Victoria's unreleased material was never officially released as it was much better than her debut, especially Bittersweet, Hustler, Shouldn't Known Better, Open Your Eyes. I'd even go so far as to say her 'Open Your Eyes' album that leaked is the best of the solo outputs.
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  9. Melanie B's version of Word Up! > Little Mix > Cameo >>>>>>>>>>>>> Corn

    Regarding that Geri destroying Emma's first single campaign, didn't she try to pull back the release of "Lift Me Up" so she could be No. 1. Personally Lift Me Up is better than What I Am, but Emma's debut album is still so fantastic. Her cover of Sunshine on a Rainy Day is gorgeous and she has my favourite run of singles from 2001-2006.
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  10. I still love that chart battle if you called call it. Both remain brilliant songs too.
  11. People seem to forget how huge post-Spice Geri's career was for a while. Everything she did seemed like a moment.
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  12. Schizophonic, Free Me and Northern Star are the three ones that stand out as strong records that have stood the test of time. The solo spice girl holy trinity if you will.

    Most of the solo albums have at least a few strong tracks on them though but do any touch those three? Nope.
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  13. I know right. Props to the marketing team for that album!
    That is such a strong pop album, maybe not vocally, but all the fun and campy charm from that album is what was missing from Forever in my opinion
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  14. Word Up is incredible.
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  15. Yeah what cloth eared fool thought 'We're not gonna sleep tonight' was a better single choice?
  16. HRH


    To quote Ms. Brown, "Pack your s**t and get the hell out!"
  17. Tell Me is my fave Mel B track.
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  18. GCZ


    Victoria's "Open Your Eyes" is the best album out of all of the solo Spice releases. It is what a solo Spice album was meant to be - catchy hooks, infectious beats, great production. Every song is a quality pop song. It's a shame it never got an official release. The "Come Together" demos aren't much of my cup of tea though, except for "So Cold", "Valentine", and "Spell On Me".

    I absolutely love "Free Me". I think Emma's campaign and single choices were perfect - one of the best solo eras (alongside Reason). I always thought it was a shame how the album never caught on here in America. I remember her performing on US TV when I was younger.

    As for Mel C, I love "Reason", "The Sea", and "Version of Me". I don't care much for the other albums, aside for a few songs. I love Mel's passion for the music and how she doesn't stop.

    I think Geri has so many great pop singles, but I didn't care much for the album tracks on the first three albums. "Ride It (Hex Hector Extended Mix)" is still one of my favorite Spice singles! The leaked "Man On The Mountain" album has to be my favorite of hers. I listen to it often still and love 12/13 songs (I HATE Phenomenal Woman - it's so irritating, i could seriously do without).

    As for Mel B's solo career.................need I say more? "Hotter", "Tell Me", and "Word Up" were cute.
  19. Number 1 in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal due to its usage in local soap-operas

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  20. The X factor winners single that never was!
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