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Spice Girls Solo Career Post-Mortem

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. I remember hearing all sorts of gossip from my misspent teenage Denden days about this era. Seemingly, there was drama prior to their performance at the Brits 2000. Seemingly Mel C had suggested asking Geri to join them for their acceptance of the Lifetime Achievement Award which didn't go down well. There was a shady story that the other girls had turned Mel C's picture upside down in the Spice HQ office in response. I don't know if it was true or not, it seemed too ridiculous for someone to have dreamt up but anything is possible in the world of Denden.
  2. Do you mean no solo vocals? Or does Mel B not sing on the track at all?

    P.S. Thanks for this timeline! Fascinating!
  3. I think he meant literally no vocals. Not even for the chorus.
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  4. Mel B didn't record any vocals for Wasting My Time. GEM is a fraud. VEM did it first.
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  5. It's not a contest. So would you call GEMM a fraud because VEMM existed to 1998 to 2000? It's silly how you managed to find a way to diss Gem yet again, just because they had the intention of continuing as the Spice Girls.
  6. Why did I fail to realize all those years that Mel B isn't on Wasting My Time
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  7. HRH


    I don't believe that for a second. The Dotmusic forums had a whole different story!
  8. Not to be antagonistic but don't you do the same thing to Mel C and Victoria?
    They aren't the Spice Girls, they're a portion of the Spice Girls. Geri, Emma, Mel C, Mel B, and Victoria will always be the Spice Girls and that's the way it will always be.
  9. I don't diss them and post negative things from other sites or articles related to them. There are people here who do that to Gem.

    I don't even mention the other one, just Victoria.
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  11. Gosh I've really been feeling this one tonight and I've never really been that taken with it or the album it's from but seriously those vocals are spine tingling and that effect on her voice in the final "When it all comes down". Underrated Masterpiece

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  12. How do people esteem 'Goin' Down' right now, or when it was first released? It must be polarizing, but... I really enjoy it.
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  13. I loved Goin' Down back in the day, and I still do. I think it was a brave step for Mel to come out of a girl group with something so abrasive.
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  14. I love Goin' Down. It might be my favourite of hers actually. It is abrasive, but then it has that soaring chorus 'I'm singing it louuuuuuuud and I don't care'.
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  15. I hate that the video isn't available to watch outside UK.
  16. Amazing...
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  17. Goin' Down was the perfect first single for Mel C to release. Image and sound were complete opposite of the Spice Girls and you didn't expect to hear something like that.

    I actually wish she would do something more like that again.
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  18. Goin' Down was good for one thing.

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  19. Awful song
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  20. Pretty much sums Goin Down for me too.
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