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Spice Girls Solo Career Post-Mortem

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Loved it.
    Love that Northern Star documentary before the album release too.
    Wasn't a Spice Girls fan but the excitement I had for Geri's and Mel's albums was beyond.
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  2. I recall the shock from fans at the time she premiered it. And yet my sister loved it. She was too old for the Spice Girls and thought they were pop shite, but that alt-90s boom with Alanis (and all the others) meant that Goin' Down actually felt like a canny move on Mel's part. Northern Star is the best solo Spice record (and biggest selling) because it had something for everyone. It had good vocals too. Sorry Geri!
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  3. Schizophonic remains to be the best Spice solo album! Full of #1 hits, bops, and thoughtful ballads!
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  4. Goin' Down was a bold choice. I'd have led with the less divisive Northern Star but I suppose she wanted to make a statement! The two smashes are obviously the #1's, so those didn't need to come first.
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  5. I always thought Go was the obvious lead single.
  6. She displayed such confidence in her music and of course she could afford to be confident about her vocals. That's why she's able to tour and perform her albums live, which in the end is any artist's bread/butter/jam.
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  7. Is there any explanation for why can't I find on Spotify Life in Mono or L.A. State of Mind? I'm from Latinoamerica, how sad
  8. Is there any documentary about Emma going solo like there are for Geri, Victoria and Mel C?
  9. HRH


    The Lady Bunton, Queen of Bollywood.


  10. ♫ Got holes in all ma bits / Don't need a bra, I just got nips! ♫

    "Your father and I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl any more!"

    "Not another one, Melanie! What does that say?"
    "No, it doesn't Melanie, it says ANGLE."
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  11. So. I've never really invested in Mel C or Geri's solo careers.

    What should I check out from both of them? I have two of Mel's albums the most recent one and the one with Carolyna on it.
  12. Goin Down is great and I still love it but she needed to make an immediate post-Spice statement and did it perfectly. Only Geri did it better.
  13. There seems to be a wide consensus that The Sea & Northern Star are Melanie's best albums.
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  14. So I plonked on Northern Star for my journey to work this morning and although I still enjoyed it, I did come to realise that it's not really the perfect album I once thought it to be.

    If That Were Me and Suddenly Monday have always felt like B-sides to me. Had they been replaced with the actual B-sides (such as I Want You Back, Something's Gonna Happen or I'll Follow You) then I think the set would sound much stronger.

    I used to really enjoy Why but that bored me a little too.

    Perhaps The Sea is the better album of the two after all...
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a decent instrumental version of Look At Me?
  16. Just listen to Schizophonic, Scream, Passion and Man on the Mountain.
  17. If Melanie C released a album of all her b-sides it would be one of the best solo albums. So many good songs.
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  18. Check out The Sea. Just skip the title track and Beautiful Mind. Also check out The Night - EP.
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  19. The problem with Mel C's music from, Reason - This Time is it all kind of sounds like American teen movie rock-lite from like a O.C. soundtrack or that type of teen drama show.
  20. I would say Beautiful Intentions is a bit different but I get what you're saying. I do think This Time was quite beige but listening back to it recently it's not a bad album by any means.
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