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Spice Girls Solo Career Post-Mortem

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. I think that was the last album I bought from her. Got it at the same time as Amy's Back to Black.
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  2. I dont understand why Emma's debut album A Girl like me has been removed from itunes? Does anyone know
  3. Hot was a rushed album, right?
  4. Not a very good one either.
  5. Unfortunately, I believe Mel B recorded it all throughout 2000.
  6. The only non-single track I can even remember is Pack Your Sh*t. Lullaby was terrible though (to me anyway).
  7. I forgot how great Here It Comes Again is.
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  8. Personally...in order

    Fave Solo Spice singles
    A Mind Of It's Own
    What Took You So Long
    On The Horizon
    Ride It
    Next Best Superstar
    Let Your Head Go/ This Groove

    Fave Solo Spice albums
    Free Me
    Life in Mono
    Beautiful Intentions
    A Girl Like Me
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  9. Ga Ga is pretty great.
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  10. I don't know if it would have made a difference as the press had turned on her by that point but I think Passion may have performed better if the singles had been:

    1) Ride It
    2) Love Never Loved Me
    3) Let Me Love You More
  11. Hot was a decent RnB album and she worked with some great writers and producers. Her vocals on that record were pretty good too.

    I adored Tell Me and Feels So Good. Choosing Lullaby as a single was a complete misstep though and they should have included Word Up on all versions.

    Singles should have been;

    Tell Me
    Feels So Good
    I Believe
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  12. True. I don't have an issue with Desire, I actually really like it (and the music video) I just think LNLM was more obvious for 2nd single and it didn't help that Desire leaked about a month before the album came out.
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  13. Mel B was has always been my fave spice, and I always thought she could have had the biggest solo career of all the ladies. But her solo career and music was beyond bland and disappointing . The only decent songs she had was “want you back” and for once in my life .
  14. Tell Me and Feel So Good certainly aren't bland to my ears.

    But yes much of her solo work was underwhelming to say the least and she's my fave on record voice of all five.
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  15. 'Today' is such an oddity but I can't help but love it. This one though is genuinely brilliant -

  16. Were there any outtakes from Hot? I'm kind of surprised she only wrote the singles and Feel Me Now.

    Also, I like Mel C's documentary but I wish it showed more of the songwriting process.
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  17. I've never seen any discussion around Hot outtakes. I'd be interested to know if there are any too.
  18. I love how all of the B-Sides were featured on the Northern Star documentary haha.
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  19. I love Feels So Good. Despite peaking at #5, it is her most remembered song. Not even Tell Me and I Want You Back. Feels So Good should have been the sound of her album.
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  20. HRH


    I don't really understand why it only scraped the Top 5. Maybe post-Spice backlash? It was an odd time in Spice World, what with Forever tanking and If That Were Me stalling at #18.

    I wish Mel B had waited to release the album in 2001 with Feels So Good or Hotter as the lead single.
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