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Spice Girls Solo Career Post-Mortem

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. I’ve never seen this one before.

  2. What's this documentary? I'd love to see it! I just read about the album on Victoria's autobiography and I'm addicted
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  4. Weird they wouldn’t use the videos for most of these, but it’s actually not a terrible list. Let Your Head Go should be higher though.
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  5. I'm not reading that link as it's The S*n, but 'Groovejet' was a genuinely massive song. They chose the wrong week to release it.
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  6. Slow “news” day if they’re having to go to Dane Bowers for a fake story.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    How does Dane afford to live in Dubai. It’s not like he has a bunch of royalties.
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  8. It could either be him or a myriad of other ex boy band members but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that he went into property and was successful. Also, despite his bluster in that fake news article, he doesn’t strike me as someone who would piss his earnings up the wall.
    Unlike Shane from Westlife...
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  9. Yeah he was definitely a property developer at one point.
  10. Shane also went into property but just at the wrong time and suffered from the market crash, it wasn’t “pissing it away”.
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  11. Where's It's Raining Men tho...
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  12. I'm watching The Real Beckhams now and I'm so mad because I can't find Let Your Head Go and This Groove on Spotify. It's a shame her debut is there but her outstanding singles from her unreleased sophomore aren't.
    Those songs are pop gold.
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  13. Victoria's "Let Your Head Go" is still absolutely fabulous.
    All of Geri's singles off "Schizophonic" were campy as fuck, and such guilty pleasures.
    Emma shines with "Maybe", and yeah, I agree with it being #1 over Mel C.'s. It's honestly aged better. I remember being a fan of in the US and hearing Emma's "Free Me" remix (Dr. Octavo) being all over the dance stations. She had a big hit and then they never did anything else with that album.

    "What Took You So Long?" is stellar too.

    Mel B.'s #5 placement with Feels So Good feels... off.
  14. Maybe it wasn't included because it's a cover?
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  15. Happy 21st to Schizophonic! Released on 7 June 1999.

    Listening to it now, it just reminds me of a completely different lifetime - her being such a huge star, all the hype and anticipation over her solo music. The amazing intro to her solo career with Look At Me, that killer run of back-to-back #1s with all the other singles. It's difficult to imagine now just how much of a force she was back then.

    I remember feverishly waiting for it come out and nabbing the CD from WHSmith as soon as I could on 7 June. I just listened to it over and over with fascination at all this new material (we'd only ever had the Spice and Spiceworld albums up to that point, which I had obviously worn out by then).

    I can actually still remember being totally bowled over by Walkaway and Mi Chico Latino on my first listen, I just couldn't wait to play them over and over again. Then feeling so pleased when Mi Chico Latino became such a huge hit. But I'm pretty sure I was happy with the whole record; it was the perfect statement of Geri as a person, as an artist and as a songwriter at that moment in time. There so much to explore within the album, so many different moods and vibes and sides to her that she'd laid bare. I remember feeling like she had totally lived up to the hype and risen to the challenge with her first record. Seeing her go on to have such a hugely successful campaign with it was just brilliant.
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  16. It's certainly a fantastic record that Geri should be very proud of.

    She had so much to prove after leaving the group and I feel she did with Schizophonic. I love how you can tell she poured her heart and soul into every track/the artwork and single releases/the promotion/video concepts etc, at this point in her life all she had was her career thus all her energies went into it. Her vocal limitations also add to its charm.

    A perfect era she sadly could never achieve again or top but that's ok.
  17. It’s just an observation but what struck me as odd is that Schizophonic peaked at #4. Normally an album with three #1 singles and a #2 would be a shoe in for #1 but it did have longevity which is more important.

    My ex and me lived together back then and inadvertently covered all the solo careers. He had the Geri and Emma albums and I had the Mels. He had the VB album but I had Let Your Head Go/This Groove.
  18. I was team Geri all the way post the group. Awwww, 'Walkaway' is still an emotional listen.
  19. The lyrics, especially the second verse, "I could never forget how hard I tried, when we were oh so young", always used to get me. It was like her response to Goodbye, which I found really affecting.
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