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Spice Girls: Solo Careers

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HRH, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Tell Me is....... amazing. I was obsessed at the time and still love it. The album itself was a 'Hot' mess though.
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  2. What was everyone's reaction to "Pack Your Shit" when they first heard it?
  3. Kinda shook as I was like 13. And I have always been into innocent "squeaky clean" pop. Almost the same as Going Down.
    Yet I loved it. It was definitely an album highlight. (As that album was a bit of a mess). That, Feels So Good, Tell Me, I Want You Back, Feel Me Now and Hotter were the only quality tracks in that album.
    Sorry Lullaby!
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  4. I do like (apart from the singles);
    Hell No
    Step Inside
    From the second album I like (apart from Today)
    Say Say Say
    Bad Bad Girl
    Sweet Pleasure
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  5. LA State of Mind would’ve been a really stellar album if the production had been done by a quality team. I find it hard to get past how cheap most of it sounds.
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  6. Marrriiiiiiaaaaa will always slap.
  7. I prefer L.A. State of Mind in terms of writing and her singing but yes, the production sadly let it down.
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  8. Not sure why but I was thinking about this today and came to rank their solo efforts.

    Northern Star
    Free Me
    The Sea

    Melanie C
    A Girl Like Me
    This Time
    Beautiful Intentions
    Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
    Version of Me

    Life in Mono
    My Happy Place
    L.A. State of Mind

    I have never heard Stages, but I presume it would be in last. The Top 4 are legitimately all-time favorites of mine, and the bottom 4 are really the only ones I think are kind of shit. Though to be fair to Life in Mono/Passion/Happy Place, they at least fav 2-3 songs I love.
  9. Wasn’t part of the reason Victoria’s second album never got released was because one of the producers was demanding way too much money and Telstar were already going under?

    And I am another who simply will never understand the apathy towards Desire. Quite a niche little pop song that represents Geri’s character very well.
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  10. I always found with Desire that, although you’re right it matches her character greatly, I always found the vocals to be a little off and not distinctively “Geri” - if you were a casual listen, you could easily mistake it for vocals from the demo.

  11. Its 20 years since this was released.

    Geri sounds so beautiful and strong vocally on this track, you can tell she gave it her all in the studio.
  12. I enjoyed it. It was worthy of being a single and the video was 110% better than Ride It.

  13. Hotter is always that bitch. A lost single!
  14. Should've been in Word Up's place.
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  16. Justice for Word Up! She did a great version, then disowned it seemingly just because it flopped. I've always loved it.
  17. Yes but I grew up with the Cameo version and then the GUN cover so it was boring af.
  18. Wasn't it Jimmy's suggestion she record it? Probably why she was quick to pay it dust.

    And then this happened:

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  19. "Alright, let's just gur fer it".
  20. Cameo nailed Word up first time around, all other covers were pointless.
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