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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread - SPOILERS.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. I didn't mind the music being pre-recorded mixes. Just don't try and kid us the band are playing that Morales mix live.
  2. The band was definitely live, but of course there were backing tracks. 99% of pop shows use them.
  3. I didn't like Spice Up Your Life when it came out.. it just didn't sound right to me - and i'd watched an interview where Emma (i think) mentioned they wanted it to sound like a happy carnival... which I don't get from the song - and she looked disappointed by it too! But this version changed my mind, and i love it when it's done live like this -

    i ripped it and listen to it on the way to work.. and pose like they do at the beginning (before going down the stairs) whilst going up the elevator... haha
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  4. Also watch out for Emma tripping over.. bless :D
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  5. They all hated the music video and wanted it to have a carnival theme. A few of them have written about this in their autobiographies.
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  6. A couple of the full-show videos I had favourited on YouTube have come down - do we think they might release the official one soon?
  7. In short, no.
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  8. A carnival video could have been great but I adore the one we got. It makes me a bit sad that they didn't like it.
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  9. The band was basically mediocre. I think they only got the gig because Melanie C's been working with them before. But they're not top rank musicians and I think the musical arrangements mostly reflected that.
  10. Eye roll. The band were fine.
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