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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread - SPOILERS.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Mama is beautiful you wild swine.
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  2. Mama is special I relate to it so much more as an adult. I never appreciated it 20 years ago in my teens.
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  3. Never Give Up On The Good Times

    Now that's a great encore.
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  4. Mama in the encore would actually work well. Its by no means a favourite of mine, it's actually one of my least favourite singles but it was a real moment on the last tour in terms of audience reaction.

  5. This is from DenDen, I'm sure it's roughly what we'd expect but good to know anyhow (aka how to miss J. Glynne).
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  6. That looks pretty fucking good, I hope you're right!
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  7. Thank god.
  8. MB


    I already know my mates are going to want to get there at 4am to start queueing or something ridiculous. No chance for me to miss Glynne.
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  9. The good thing about the circle is wherever you are you'll end up being near to the girls at some point. I'm so anxious/excited thinking about this.
  10. They'll bring out all their kids, who will probably sing the last chorus.
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  11. Praying for u...
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  12. If they do "Never Give Up On The Good Times" and "If You Wanna Have Some Fun", I will die a happy man!

  13. If I knew this was news I would have posted it weeks ago. I live round the corner from the Etihad.
  14. I have a feeling that really long track title is a medley with forward slashes separating each title.
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  15. I'm ready to sob in the Spice Circle throughout the entirety of Goodbye and Viva Forever.
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  16. And who could blame you either? Two classic Spice Girls ballads live!
  17. So... is there really no catwalk in Wembley?
  18. The circle staging will still be there, but apparently the "Spice circle" may include space on the sides too?
  19. Looks great, but where is Geri and Mel B's steamy duet, Last Time Lover?
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  20. It's in my dreams!
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