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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread - SPOILERS.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. Seeing them on the 14th at Wembley with a friend. I haven‘t booked a hotel yet, any good recommendations not to far from Wembley and Heathrow aswell?
  2. With our luck they will perform a Jess Glynne cover.
  3. Luckily, J*ss will have performed her hits -that-all-sound-the-same early on but no doubt we’ll end up with an *d Sh**r*n cover.
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  4. If Mel C has her way ... YES!
  5. I don’t think Melanie is the one who’d welcome this. We know who has worked with his writers for her unreleased-but-leaked album...
  6. The shade!
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  7. Hmmm interesting ...

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  8. MB


    Does that say "Jump" on the left?
  9. 'Stop' no?
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  10. MB


    Thank god my eyes are terrible.
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  11. That would be a very respectable set list.
  12. MB


    True, but no surprises really. I was really hoping for "If You Wanna Have Some Fun" and it's a shame they look to be using the same set up for some songs from old tours. They should have hired Steve Anderson to put a different flavour on some songs like he does with Kylie/Steps.
  13. If we were allowed to use eyerolls you'd be getting it hard here.
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  14. To be fair, Steve has done wonders recently so
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  15. Them doing 9/10 tracks for Spice and 9/10 tracks for Spiceworld plus the singles from Forever is a great choice. There are other songs I'd love to hear but these are all songs I will get my life to.
  16. It would be nice but I can see why they would stick to the first two albums with Geri knowing them and those being the biggest sellers. The casual fans who are attending who didn't buy anything after Goodbye are still likely to know the non singles off those albums.
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  17. I was referring more to bemoaning the setlist as predictable when on the last tour most of the album tracks were paid dust. Suggesting it's a boring playlist because it doesn't include any Forever album tracks is a choice.

    Also Steve is great, but we have a live band for Spice World 2019 so I don't really have much concern about the production.
  18. MB


    I never said it was boring, I was just hoping for a 'wild card' / a Victoria solo section.
  19. Is Jess still supporting? She's been confirmed for the Capital Summetime Ball which is on the same day as the Edinburgh date.
  20. It's fly-able.

    Camila Cabello did it last year on the same day as supporting Taylor Swift in Manchester.
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