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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread - SPOILERS.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. What exactly do they mean by playlist DNA and tour DNA? Weird.
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  2. All the included songs are fine but surely that can't be the actual order of them?
  3. The inspiration for those certain album tracks on this tour, and the styles. It's mentioned they are celebrating every moment, so a few throwback moments.

    Fuck, if we get the Istanbul versions of those songs I will wet myself!
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  4. Isn't it from this? And isn't this just talking about branding and design.

    I doesn't seem like a confirmed setlist, just the artists putting together what songs they sang previously. It even says (Istanbul, Spiceworld). Do they mean the new tour with Spiceworld or the last tour? Why isn't that there?

    For me this just looks like some art project to get visuals and a concept.
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  5. Yeah, I don't believe that is the set. They will have a covers medley in there, you just know they will...
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  6. Surprised to not see Lady Is A Vamp in there...

    Also, isn't Last Time Lover the only song off their first two albums that they've still never performed live?
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  7. I think by DNA they are referring to what the Spice Girls are known for - the playlist is all the songs that everyone knows and listens to, Joe Public so to speak. The tour DNA is the songs they brought to life on tour that weren’t hits or singles, the tracks people still talk about the live performances of, so they are basically celebrating both and pleasing casuals and the stans. From that they are taking inspiration for this tour.

    That’s my interpretation anyway.
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  8. It is! It'd be cool if they did but but honestly, I'm not that bothered if they don't.
  9. Yeah I don't think thats the setlist, it certainly wouldn't be in that order, but it looks like it could be a spread in the tour programme.
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  10. Obviously they're unlikely to perform all the singles together, but it's incredible how well-known literally all of the songs from the first two albums are. I guess it's partly because their discography is so small but it's also a testament to how iconic they were/are that people will still be singing along to all the album tracks 20 years later.
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  11. GCZ


    I’ll be kind of annoyed if there are no changes/surprises to the set list. They really should perform 1-2 more Forever songs like Right Back At Ya or If You Wanna Have Some Fun, potentially a B-Side or two, as well as Last Time Lover.
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    Yeah, it looks like a page from the program or some sort of social media post. If it was a setlist it wouldn't mention Istanbul, Spiceworld.
  13. Yes to all of this. I'd love them to do more Forever tracks (there are more good ones than people remember), and Last Time Lover is undeniably a fan favourite. I don't mind a well-chosen cover or two but if there was a choice I'd much rather they picked deep cuts.
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  14. Geri literally described Forever as ‘not her thing’ so why they would do non-singles from it I don’t know. I think it’s great that she’s doing Holler and LLLTW to be honest.
  15. I could imagine Last Time Lover being quite a difficult song to pull off live.
  16. The fans and band themselves weren't here for "Forever" when it first was released, so there's no chance we'd be getting any of those album tracks in 2019..
  17. I would take If You Wanna Have Some Fun over LLLTW any day of the week. Geri would sound good on IYWHSF.
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  18. As much as I love The Artist Formerly Known as Ginger Spice, it's not like it's up to her. Those songs were huge hits for the girls so of course they're going to do them. It's a shame the rest of the album will likely be paid dust - I'd take If You Wanna Have Some Fun/Tell Me Why/Get Down With Me/Right Back At Ya over some bland Ed Sheeran cover.
  19. I think it’s reaching to call Let Love Lead The Way a ‘huge hit’ but I get the gist. I would scream at Geri singing ‘Tell Me Why’ - the biggest F U song ever.
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  20. I mean, it was number one...
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