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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread - SPOILERS.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. Double a side though... I can't imagine it would've stood up on its own, holler carried that song
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  2. I don't know, I think it would have still managed it on it's own as well. It may not be their best ballad but it's still a fantastic song.
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  3. Better than headlice for sure
    .. Haha
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Number one or not, if you'd go out and ask random people to name as many Spice Girls singles as they remember I'm pretty sure Let Love would end up last. I like it, and the whole 'only 4 of them'-era might play a part, but after every single pretty much being a 'moment' this one was just.. a nice song?
  5. If it had been released on its own it might have struggled, but it piggybacked on Holler and the latter was definitely a moment. Personally I love it!
  6. The only Forever songs that could work with Geri are the singles and 'If You Wanna Have Some Fun'. Possibly 'Right Back At Ya' if it had a good remix?
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  7. Holler/Let Love Lead the Way really was a great double A Side. I was lucky I had enough money that week and didn't have to choose between it and Martine McCutcheons I'm Over You man that would've been difficult.
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  8. I love it, great Spice ballad.
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I do really love it, no idea how the release would have felt on its own. Might not help that over here it got pretty much zero radio play. As it is it felt very much like the Heartbeat to Holler's Tragedy.
  10. Yes! Great analogy.
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Haha I felt unfortunate bringing Steps into a Spice Girls thread. And the Spice Girls haven't seemed to embraced the song in a similar 'THIS WAS A NUMBER ONE HIT' way as Steps (probably because they had plenty). But it almost felt as a b-side. Definitely not as the actual song to get to number 1.
  12. Hmmmm, I doubt it. It's a lovely song, but that's all it is.. a lovely Spice Girls song. It isn't a moment. I think had it been released after the initial "Forever" release, and subsequently the "Holler" release, I think it probably would have had a very different stand-alone charting position. It's no secret that the girls themselves, particularly the two Melaines had "checked out" of Spice World by the time "Forever" had come about, and I think the sales (although solid for a release in that market at that time) showed a considerably decline in the Spice Girl brand as a whole. I think, in my opinion and as much as I enjoy "Let Love Lead the Way", we'd probably be looking at the lower ends of the top 10 had it been by itself.. which, at the time, would have been seen as a disaster and the "end of the Spice Girls", albeit as dramatic as it sounds. The press were merely waiting for the end.
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  13. I see they continue to pay Last Time Lover dust. I can’t stand the cruelty. However, I could easily see them using it and Vamp as interludes, though I know that’s asking far too much.
  14. There's no way that song was even in contention after the Mel B/Geri situation.
  15. Is it time for this thread to get moved into the main forum? I’m sure Steps and S Club had their tour threads in there both before and during the tour. Can’t help but feel some of the chat will get lost buried away in Comeback Corner.
  16. Personally, I'm fine with it being left in here. Depends what everybody else thinks, I guess.
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  17. I'm pretty sure it's like a mood board, where they throw everything at it and it helps form the set list.
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  18. I love the track, but it is the weakest on the first album and considered "filler" for most. So I'm not shocked.
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  19. For completionist sake, it'd be neat if they performed it so then Spice had been performed in full. But, do I really want them to waste a spot on tour for a song I'm not really bothered by?
  20. It's the tough choices in life.
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