Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread


To be fair I attended the Reputation Tour shows that were filmed and didn't see a single sign stating it was being filmed (though the extra cameras were noticeable).

I wasn't there, but I remember the fanbase going apeshit over this sign that was there.



GDPR consent isn't required for large crowds.

There's no need for consent when it comes to filming large crowds, but the crowd still has to be made aware of what the purpose is and so forth, hence why there would be signs everywhere. You're not going to get an entire 90k stadium filling out a consent form, obviously.
Who knows why Victoria didn't join. It could've been for a million reasons. I suggest choosing a charitable one in your mind! All we know is she wished them well.
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But what always bothered me is that I never felt that she shared the same love for performing with the other girls, she always looked very uncomfortable on stage during the 2007 tour. I have no doubt she loves the Spice Girls and what they’ve accomplished together, but I’ve always thought that the main reason why she turned down this tour was because she doesn’t like to perform anymore or it gives her too much anxiety, or maybe because it would “hurt her brand”

One thing doesn't take the other. She can decide not to take part and still have a weird feeling seeing the four of them without her.
I’ve just rewatched the iconic brits performance
They are just amazing
I get such joy in watching other people succeed and I love even in that performance the little looks they give each other
The pure fuck it girls let’s conquer the world together and they really did

I appreciate Victoria didn’t want to do it this time
She was and always will be my fav spice girl
So in that regard I can’t tolerate people saying shit about her
Even that girl on the Australian chat show saying we don’t want her- err fuck you! And I’m glad the other girls have been fully supportive

But please Vicky b! Come join the party next time xxx

Like I’m sure if there’s going to be another leg team posh could easily be slotted in
GDPR consent isn't required for large crowds.
Nope. It's not. You likely gave consent when purchasing and agreeing to the Ts and Cs...


Purchasing tickets

8. On rare occasions the show or event may be filmed or recorded. Buying a ticket affirms your consent to the filming and sound recording of yourself as a member of the audience. If you have any objection, should this happen when you attend a show or event, please contact a member of the Theatre or Venue Management.
I was listening to them on the drive home from work tonight, and I honestly had to turn them off when "Viva Forever" came on. I've gone into mourning over the fact this tour has ended. Mourning. MOURNING.

I ordered a load of stuff this morning!!!

I'm totally back in a Spice bubble right now.
I'm just working out what I've spent on merch and Spice related things so far:

Spiceworld baseball cap x2 (in case one fades in the sun)
Ginger Spice t-shirt
Spice ring necklace
Tour programme
Spiceworld drawstring bag
Spice logo pin badge
Spice Up Your Life pin badge
Blue lanyard
Goodie bag ticket bundle: water bottle / postcards / Girl Power pin badge / lanyard
Buffalo boots

I need more.