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Spice Girls - SpiceWorld 2019 Tour Thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JMRGBY, May 1, 2019.

  1. I'm not selling it on or anything!!!!!

    Leak 'Feed Your Love' xx
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  2. Im Messing lol. Have a great time! x
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  4. (Come on and) do it. I'm going to wear it non stop on Pride month.
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  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I found my Spice Force 5 baseball cap.
    Hmm. Could I pull off an all silver outfit? No.
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  6. I know this is somewhat self indulgent but is anyone out in Manchester tonight that isnt an old nana in bed before 11pm? (@baxterclan)
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  7. What a night!

    Just got home and heck, I'm grinning from ear to ear. I'm not going to lie, the Spice Girls aren't my number one favourite band so I didn't mind about being front row, but christ, I had such a good time (even if I was near the back of standing!)

    They have so many amazing songs that you can't help but dance too, and it was so nice to see so many people just really going for it and enjoying the moment.

    Viva Forever, Stop, and Wannabe were definitely my highlights of the night. Their chemistry is unlike any girl group I've witnessed before and I absolutely loved it!

    If anyone attended tonight, christ the amount of boos Mel C got when she shown she had an LFC top on but I guess that was to be expected (considering it's Manchester!)

    I give it a 9/10 for sure.
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  8. Melanie and Emma wearing Liverpool and Tottenham shirts tonight for Wannabe was cute but it did take away from the reveal of their costumes.

  9. My Insta has lots of stuff from all three nights if anyone is interested.
  10. That's an incredible '2 Become 1' video you've got!
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  11. No seemed to have responded the first time so i asked again....
  12. Does anyone find Geri's new onstage persona interesting?
    It's like she absorbed Posh Spice, sent Ginger to finishing school and has become Regal Brit Spice.
    I LOVE Geri but I wish she still had that more provocative side to her.
    It's there at times but at others it looks like she just realised she's been plucked out of her kitchen mid bake and plonked on stage.
    I must say it was great to see her do "Holler" but she should've had a solo part.
    Vicky' s "Holler, Holler, make you scream my name" section would've suited her fine.
    I did love the moment last night where she was caught at the end of a song and forgot to pose so she just went into "the thinker" pose and cracked up and Emma gave her a look.
    I've gotta say if the Spice Girls have to be a 4 piece then THIS is the right line up.
    New music from them would be amazing but we all know it's not coming.
    Bring on Wembley!!!!
  13. MB


    It was a great show, I enjoyed it and they look great and work well as a 4 but I genuinely missed Victoria, she was always my favourite so it was always going to be that way for me.
    Being in the spice circle is great but I do wish I’d saved some money and just gone general standing and got there a bit early and got a decent spot as I think they had the best views. I do kind of want to go again and sit in the gods somewhere just to take in the whole spectacle of it all!
  14. Victoria is joining them for Wannabe on the 13th in Wembley! I can feel it
  15. What do we think their "big announcement" is?
  16. The new walkers ad?
  17. Naaaah, if anything it'll be the last show on the 15th.

    It'll be the Walkers advert for the new #BestEverFan competition. No doubt the winner will be announced.

    And not to sound bitter, but I saw that guy's entry who acts like he works for Emma.. I'm really hoping he doesn't win. Don't @ me. Don't hate me. Does that make me horrible?
  18. MB


    It does surprise me that they didn’t do meet and greets on the tour - could have easily pocketed £500 a head for 20 minutes work.
  19. Would be great if they recorded the Wembley show and Victoria joins them there for Wannabe. The fans would go absolutely bonkers.

    Though I can imagine the girls might have mixed feelings about that as they are the ones bringing down the house every night and putting in all the work.
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  20. Last night they brought out Spice logo metal water bottles to drink from - I hope this means that more merch will be coming throughout the year, and that the tour isn't the end of it!
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