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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    The Spice Girls in the next couple of weeks are set to all meet up at Beckingham Palace along with Simon Fuller and 10 other management people to have a spot of dinner and they get down to business about a reunion.

    Melanie C and Melanie B have both agreed that it is time for the reunion to happen. On the 8th July it will be 10 years to the day that the best girl band ever had their first single in the charts!

    C'Mon girls we want to back! !

  2. Re: Spice Girls Are Going To Do A Reunion ( At Last )


    What makes this any different to the countless other rumours?
  3. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls Are Going To Do A Reunion ( At Last )

    Have you not heard it everywhere !
  4. Re: Spice Girls

    Yes we've heard it everywhere. Just like the other 20 or so times when the reunion is reported to have been happening. Until something is confirmed by the girls themselves, I won't be believeing any of it.
  5. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls

    The whole thing has been confirmed by the girls! It is all in the papers and on the net ! !
  6. Re: Spice Girls

    It actually hasn't been confirmed by the girls.  At the moment it is still very much a rumour.  I will only believe it if all the girls hold a press confrence and confirm it themselves.

    Milky x
  7. Re: Spice Girls

    Having a second rate tabloid journalist claim it as an exclusive for the 43rd time in the last 12 months and it popping up forums does not make it confirmed by the girls. All I've actually heard is they are having dinner at Victorias, which has happened a few times before and we've not had a reunion then. Agreed with Milky, until we get a press conference, we have to assume it's not happening.
  8. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls

    But the last time there was a meal. Melanie C did not turn up! Surely that says something ?
  9. Re: Spice Girls

    Yes. That Melanie C doesn't want to do it. Which she's been saying for years.
  10. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls

    She does though as she would not be meeting the managment and the other girls !
  11. Re: Spice Girls

    Maybe she wasn't hungry??

    Milky x
  12. Re: Spice Girls

    I love the Spice Girls but even all these rumours are starting to bore me now...........
  13. james1986

    james1986 Guest

    Re: Spice Girls

    Lets all just be positive about this! Lets hope this one is actually true! Stop all the negativity!
  14. Re: Spice Girls

    Iv been positive about it the last 100000000000000000000 times a rumour like this has started - enough already! I'll be positive when its official
  15. Re: Spice Girls

    It's not negativity. It's reality. To be honest, I think they've missed the boat with regards to reforming now. There have been so many rumours going round for so long, I just don't think anyone would actually be that bothered now. I doubt there's going to be time to book in, rehearse and sell out a tour this year now and next year just has no significance at all (11 years since Girl Power began! Hmm). If anything we'll probably get a half arsed Greatest Hits at Christmas with Mel C whining on about how she wishes people would let go now she's a solo megastar in Europe, but be more than happy to cash the royalty cheque.
  16. Re: Spice Girls

    And the fact that they are gonna release 'Woman' as their comback/reunion single goes to show that the SG really don't give a fuck and can't be arsed to record any new material
  17. Re: Spice Girls

    Has that actually been confirmed?? That would mean Geri would have to record vocals for it if all girls were to take part. Admittedly I'd like to see a studio version of W.O.M.A.N released but I think a brand new single written and sung by all five members would be better if they are to release a comeback single.

    Milky x
  18. Re: Spice Girls

    Maybe they could do an Atomic Kitten and do a cheap remix, Wannabe 2006.....
  19. Re: Spice Girls

    I read yesterday that Geri now doesn't want to do although, all th others have agreed
  20. Re: Spice Girls

    Oh dear.
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