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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. On her radio show yesterday Emma talked about recording Viva Forever:

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  2. I love that story!
  3. I doubt they were ever going to perform Never Give Up on The Lottery because I firmly doubt they had a radio edit and performance ready to go. They had been performing a condensed version on tour so they would’ve had to rehearse a new routine (unless they just performed the tour mix in studio form). I just don’t see it.
  4. Then why have two performance slots?
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  5. They performed Step to Me on TFI Friday for no apparent reason.

    It isn't outwith the realm of possibility that Spice Up Your Life was always booked to be performed for general promotional reasons.
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  6. I’ve been (re)watching some more documentaries about them recently, including Seven Days that Shook the Spice Girls (God the people on there were awful) and Raw Spice.

    It made me wonder why their early management never released their early demos a bit like pre-fame demos from Leona Lewis and Sam Smith among others were released. Did the management not have the demos or was there a legal reason since the girls never had a contract with them?

    Also, I’ve been reading that If It’s Lovin on Your Mind is actually called Give You What You Want. Is this actually true and how was it discovered?
  7. They did Step To Me on TFI Friday because it was the “cooler” choice.
  8. Isn't there a funny story about Geri sneaking in the house they used to live and stealing their demos?
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  9. I believe so! Wasn't it said that their original manager, Chris, ended up having nothing to show his work with the Spice Girls (bar photos and initial home video recordings) as, like you said, they took everything with them and no contract was ever signed meaning the girls had the rights to all the demos.
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  10. The fact Melanie C has added a hardback book to her vinyl bundles, yet the most iconic girl group ever still doesn't have a coffee table book...

    I weep.
  11. A Spice Girls coffee table style book. What an thought.
  12. The song is actually called What You Want. The track was registered a few months ago on ASCAP, etc.

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  13. Thinking about how iconic it would've been if Victoria and Mel B had sang one of their actual songs during the solo sections of the first reunion tour.
  14. I enjoyed Victoria's segment but yeah, Let Your Head Go or I Wish would have been iconic, or the True Steppers track if they wanted a bigger hit.

    Melanie B not doing I Want You Back was madness.
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  15. Not quite. The Herberts still owned the demos regardless of the lack of contract. Virgin came to a settlement with them a while later.

    The girls have exercised their veto against releasing unreleased songs several times.
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  16. I found this video I haven't seen before which shows the whole stage throughout the intro. The whole set had such amazing detail. (also shows them getting drenched during SUYL because they decided to change the plan and keep the roof open - serves them right).

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  20. Great little tribute (it's their own Do It though).

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