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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. A must in the lead up to Christmas
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  2. I've just listened to Spice Invaders for the first time in around a decade and it is still iconic.
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  3. "Outer Space Girls" remains one of the weirdest, most iconic tracks from them. Victoria's "we're ROCKIN' to the moon" always sends me...
  4. Excuse me but Wasting my time and Groove with me are amazing.
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  5. Groove With Me? Sis.
  6. I adore Outer Space Girls.
  7. Same. The definitive version of that song for me.

    Also I've been bingeing Spice and Spiceworld this week on a nostalgia trip and Mel B's low range is just divine.
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  8. I think Get Down With Me was titled Groove With Me on some international pressings of the album, or when you played the CD on computers or something..?
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  9. The title came up as that when you entered the CD into Windows Media Player.
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  10. Certainly is.
  11. When I enter Forever on Apple Music it‘s called Groove with me. So I was so confuesd if I remembered it wrong.
  12. The title confusion is probably about the only noteworthy thing to say about that song!
  13. [​IMG]

    It's quite interesting how Denying was originally called Ain't Fooling Nobody

    I like that title aswell.
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  14. Interesting that Never Give Up On The Good Times and Move Over have longer times on this.
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  15. We have the instrumental for Never Give Up On The Good Times which has an extended musical break in the middle which I assume is what was cut from the album mix.

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  16. Never seen this before, good bit of Spice Girls history!
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  17. I’m gutted that Walk Of Life ended up being cut!
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  18. At least we still got it.
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  19. True, good song.
  20. Apparently the Move Over instrumental is also longer than the album version and the version on that early album
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