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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Emma would deny it though, right? It's not like [at such an early stage] she'd spill the beans. How many times, throughout the years, have the girls individually been asked about tours, music, reunions etc. and denied it only for it to eventually happen?
  2. She denied it because it’s incredibly obvious that they’d never do a Spiceworld 2.
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  3. Yeah it's one of the cases where I don't see what a sequel could add. The magic of the original is in its naivety and how it transports you to an even more exaggerated version of the late 90s.
    An animated movie would not have the same barriers, but a straight sequel wouldn't work.
  4. I agree. Although 1% of me would love to see what they came up with. My main concern in a movie would that Geri would be doing her 'lady of the manor' bit which may be authentic but not very entertaining...unless she went full Mrs Bucket with it, I guess.

    Not exactly available. You bought it years ago and it's been on TV. I tried to buy it on Amazon and couldn't buy it from then, and it's unable to stream. I think it's reasonable to call that "unavailable". My hunch is that they want to whip up some demand for a Blu-ray release.

    It's the same reason we don't get tour movies on Netflix. They want the coins for the future tours and they must think that tour movies affect demand for tickets.
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  5. Less sequels, more music.
    Thank you
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  6. Timeless.
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  7. The way she posted like Dua popped round hers and got the towel... queen moves.
  8. She loves talking tea-towels doesn't she.
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  9. This animated movie piffle needs to be silenced.
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  10. Seeing this…
    Made me immediately think about how the Spice phenomenon must’ve been experienced by Mel B. The optimist in me wants to believe she enjoyed the highs like the other four women, but then I remember that, growing up and even now, she was always the least favorite of all my peers. Then there’s the fact shady Peter Lorraine (or rather a shady Jennifer Cawthron) dubbed her, the lone black member, Scary Spice.
  11. One member I would have liked to see in this doc was Kelly Rowland as her experience of being the dark skinned girl in an all-black female group. She's spoken about in the past but it would be hear her take on it (especially as they were proper famous globally).
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  12. Wow, hard to watch but so powerful and important. Bravo, Mel.

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  13. My friend was an extra in this she said Mel was lovely and had drinks with them all after. What a doll. I thought Mel did a brilliant job acting in this. Really believable and powerful.
  14. I think this hasn't been posted yet. Spanish singer Lola Indigo just released the video of her single called, well, Spice Girls, paying homage to the girls and impersonating Baby.

    It's a lowkey bop!
  15. I watched this last night and the wave of emotion that hit me when she ran across the field was so intense. A tough watch for sure, but so important.
  16. The least favourite? I would never have thought of her as that. With my friends it was always between Geri and Mel B.

    She once gave an interview which touched on her being the only black member:

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  17. "Où est la gare?"
  18. We call her Mellard.
    Cos she's WELL'AAARD!
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  19. Girl Power in action.

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  20. MB


    Full interview from GMB. Mainly around the important issues raised in the video but a slight bit about a spice reunion - denies Spiceworld 2, wants to do new music and more live shows with Victoria involved "I hope so". So nothing new.
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