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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I think that's what we have to hold onto. The design may be a little off, but in 4 weeks time we will be hearing a brand new (old) Spice Girls song. I'm so excited for it.
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  2. It's on Amazon Sweden too, so I guess this is what it'll be for all of Amazon's markets at least. Maybe the original design we saw was old or a Spice Girls store exclusive?
  3. Imagine if both versions are real, and both have a different unreleased song attached. I can dream!
  4. With vinyl, even though things are booked months in advance and have delays, the vinyl are actually only pressed a week or so before they’re shipped to the labels for the release date, unless the label deliberately get them pressed before schedule then keep them back (which they aren’t with this, as the vinyl date is after the digital).

    Packaging is printed beforehand, so they can’t suddenly change that and add the logo/text onto the sleeve instead of the picture disc, but they’ve probably been able to adapt the design based on fan reaction/comments, as it won’t be pressed until early July.
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  5. Maybe the leaked vinyl design from those French sites was a temporary mock up. I'm sure UMG commissioned more than one potential design for the vinyl. This new image is not that different design wise.
  6. I think I like the original artwork more? The photo was actually from the Wannabe photoshoot and it looks better with the silver logo
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  7. Just a small question for the collectors: has any of the Who Do You Think You Are/ Mama single releases ever come in an album case?
  8. The logo...
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  9. SBK


    Are they getting their inspiration from coverlandia?
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  10. Much better photo indeed on this one.
  11. Does it?
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  12. Photo is better, logos are horrendous
  13. No. Digipack (Cd1, Mama/Who Do You Think You Are) or Slim Case (Cd2 and any other Maxi Format, Who Do You Think You Are/Mama)
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  14. Someone forgot to pay the rent with apparently some of the old Melanie C's office storage stuff and lot of interesting Spice Girls and solo treasures were exposed:

    Original tapes
    Hard drives
    +100 CD's
    CD Singles
    Virgin promo only copies
    BetaCam promo videos
    BetaMax tours footage
    Vinyl pressings
    Spice Girls and Melanie C with memorabilia and clothing
    Rest of music stocks of the official site
    Official Photos

    even a cassette tape which states David Beckham and a gift from DenDen days she received.




    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The bid was immediately cancelled.
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  15. SBK


    Wow, that's pretty unprofessional of the storage place.
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  16. Well this is very common. If that storaged was abandoned and no one take care of the rent, they simply get rid of all the contents of the storage room by selling it to the highest bidder to get it free for a new costumer.

    I think it's a clausule of this type of places. At the end, the maintain their business on the rent of their customers.
  17. Thank you. Guess I have to make peace with that weird looking digipak then.
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  18. God, I'd kill to rummage around all of that!
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  19. It's obviously awful, and I hope Melanie gets it back. But how sad that we'll likely never hear the material on those demo tapes. and I want those framed pics!!!!
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  20. Jesus I hope she gets those back.
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