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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. All these crotch shots in there for a few seconds... I can't. TV really was a hell back then.

    But this performance is... Perfection!
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  2. Well it was the 90's. The world's last great decade!
  3. The look in Geri's eyes... God she knew she was making history.

    I'll always be #TeamGinger
  4. I love how carefree VB looks living her best life.
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  5. This! She's always been the highlight of the performance for me.
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  6. It's not designed to be an orchestral version sadly. I remember it being commissoned for a reason but I can't off the top of my head remember what for now.
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  7. The official store is now all yellow just with 25 logo. Something kinda funny is going on?
  8. Same here, love all 5 girls, but she was always my favourite!
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  9. They’ll be celebrating them all. They’ll be lots to come.
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  10. Some fan theory is that because orders placed after 16th June via the official shop will now experience a short delay, they're trying to direct people away from the shop and to other outlets that can ship/deliver in release week (I guess it will affect the first week's (physical sales) chart otherwise)? If that was the case though surely they'd add some links where to buy? If I saw that page I'd just assume either an announcement was incoming or the shop was shut and not bother any further.
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  11. I doubt first week sales for an anniversary release is much of an issue (if at all). If that’s the case, they probably just want to avoid an onslaught of “Where’s my order when retailers X and Y are shipping!!1!!11!” That being said, that could also be solved by a simple “all orders from this point will dispatch at a later date” notice.
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  12. SBK


    They'll all be coming from the same distributor, so if thr official store can't meet release week, it's unlikely other outlets will be able to...
  13. It’s funny how critics considered Forever the Great Departure when songs like “Get Down With Me” and “Wasting My Time” sound exactly like Spice.
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  14. Why do people say music was changing after Spiceworld and they wanted to do R&B. Pop was as strong as ever then, especially in the UK. They wanted to be more like DC is another one I see people say, but even DC went more Pop with Survivor.

    I’ll never understand what they were thinking changing their sound and image, and then the promo with the girls splitting up to promote it WW. Wish they just waited to get it right.
  15. I think Forever just came at the wrongish time. Pop and R&B were changing and that classic Darkchild sound of Say My Name, It’s Not Right But It’s Okay, If You Had My Love, He Wasn’t Man Enough etc. became tinnier and less rich sounding. I’m sure they had the former in mind as the sound of Forever but came out with the latter
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  16. Ashley Newton, the head of A&R at UK Virgin Records had a huge role in convincing the girls to ditch the pop tracks. We won't know if the girls and Ashley Newton made the right choice until we hear the Forever Biffco songs.
  17. The worst two songs on Forever.
  18. I think Time Goes By is the only dud on the album really. Even then it's not awful just very dreary and plodding.
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    I think part of the problem with Forever was it sounded to polished, too major label girl group pop. I mean its not bad, but it's not got the British homegrown charm of the first two. A lot of the production of Forever could have been on any other album at the time. Spice and Spiceworld were specifically the Spice Girls sound, there wasn't much like it.
  20. I just don’t get trying to emulate DC when we already had DC doing masterclasses in what they do. Nobody sounded like they did on their first two albums. I know ultimately it was being driven by them but sometimes I almost get a feel of them having a confidence wobble when I listen to Forever. Also thank fuck for Geri.
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