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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I don't want to jinx things, but it definitely feels like we are gonna get some good stuff.
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  2. I’d heard (but am very much taking with a pinch of salt) that they’d planned a Spice 25 campaign with unreleased songs and then after fan demand for Wannabe 25 rushed this EP together, hence why things were submitted to the pressing plant late and were able to be changed. Which makes sense, but I’m not getting too hopeful as plans can always change!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Not Atomic Kitten stealing their thunder a bitsy oop.
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  4. What was his mega mega success all about? Mystifying.
  5. I was told the vinyl and cassette were a fairly last minute decision, too, which is why there wasn’t ample time to arrange production completely before it was announced. All five girls have been involved in the decision making and it sounds like the physical formats may have been their idea.
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  6. I forgot I got to mention Headlines in one of my classes today. I have them the homework to watch the video. Not sure if that’s a good thing haha.
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  7. Stop has now 100 million streams on Spotify. It got a boost yesterday with 137k streams.
  8. (If there is more coming) do we think we might get a '25' for all the singles? 'cause as much as I'm trying not to buy vinyls, a singles collection, with a demo, mix and unreleased would be iconic.

    Or maybe just Spice 25 after this?
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  9. Hopefully Spice 25 with the individual covers. Kinda obsessed about that
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  10. A release of each with a demo and possibly unreleased track would be incredible, even just digitally, but I reckon it will be one big release with Spice 25, if they're even doing that.
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  11. Think Biff might’ve been in here today, as he said he had read that the original and Vasquez mixes weren’t remastered, but he confirmed on his live that they were! Interesting.
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  12. I hope it was an adult class?
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  13. I never realised that the demo version was wahat they used in the movie! Such a flop fan!
    It's so nice to hear new stuff after such a long time!
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  14. Double post...

    Feed Your Love sounds very reminiscent of TLC CrazySexyCool era, it would fit well on there!
    Also, the adlib by Emma on the final chorus of the Wannabe demo sounds stunning. I've always thought Emma's voice sounded great there, so to hear it in more isolation is great!
  15. I'm listening back to Biff's livestream, and it's really cool to hear about the version of 'Feed Your Love' we have. He said the song progressed from an initial demo to a contender for the album. They realised pretty quickly it wouldn't be on the album, so Mel C never added adlibs, they didn't rerecord vocals etc. It's also longer than a final version would have been, but what we're hearing is exactly as they heard and made it.
  16. Haha. Yes.
  17. Yes please to this idea!!
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  18. Where can I find the livestream?
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  20. Xxx
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