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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. You're right! It looks like they're using a photo from this shoot -

    It would be great to see an HQ scan of that leaflet. It's so cool seeing scrapped artworks and covers!
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  2. Ahhh such an iconic moment...

    Everything they did in 1997 was perfect in every way.
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  3. So iconic but I still get anxiety every time I see Mel step up onto the ledge so casually.
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  4. Sure was. Truly their year too.
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  5. It seems some people have started to receive their vinyls.
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  6. I received mine today from The Sound Of Vinyl. I feel like the packaging looks better in pictures rather than in person. That was kind of a let down. I guess I shouldn't complain though. I will take all the demos and unreleased tracks they are willing to share.
  7. Do we think Say You’ll Be There will get some kind of anniversary release or do we think it’ll just be Wannabe and potentially the Spice album?
  8. It uses this image...

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  9. I could see them waiting until Spice. There were already production delays with the Wannabe vinyl, so it might just make things a bit easier if they're not rushing to push out another quickly before the album. Although, if there isn't more unreleased stuff coming, I'm not sure what a rerelease of Spice could look like.
  10. The way I thought you meant, like, a mechanical music box when I first read this...
  11. I really really hope we get this

    In other news, The Sun is reporting that we're getting a sequel to the Spiceworld Playstation game:


    THE SPICE GIRLS are about to launch their own online game.

    I can reveal they are working on the idea and reunited in London this week to shoot content for it — but Victoria Beckham is still refusing to get involved.

    Geri Horner, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Melanie C met for the first time in more than a year at Black Island Studios in West London to record pieces in front of the camera for the game.

    But they are remaining as a four-piece because Victoria doesn’t want to be part of it, and is currently 4,400 miles away in sunny Miami.

    A source said: “The Spice Girls are exploring a whole manner of new projects but this one was really exciting to them — their very own Spice game.

    “All four women came together on Tuesday at the studios to shoot pieces to camera for it.

    “The hope is that it won’t be too long before they get to show it to the fans because it’s something they’ve had in the pipeline for a while.

    “It is one of several things they are working on, including an animated film, and they hope it will help celebrate the Spice Girls’ legacy.
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  12. Creating an online game and an animated movie is so silly. Their target audience is people in their 30's. What are they thinking? A new album is what fans really want.
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  13. I’d heard about a video game as a potential pitch, but not to expect anything massive, so that lines up. From what I’ve been told, they’re doing a number of things to target existing and new fan bases (i.e. people too young or not around the first time) so I’d imagine this is their way of drawing in new fans and the more casuals. For the rest of us, I’d imagine the main draw is looking to be the album reissues and anniversary of the movie. I’m going to have to correct my friend on the definition of ‘exciting’ since this seems to be underwhelming. Hopefully I’m wrong.
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  14. What would a Spice Girls Online game even be? I can't imagine many people wanting a microtransaction game in the vein of Kim Kardashian's, and I also can't picture a console video game being a big sell.
  15. Dame Vicky living her best life. You love to see it. Though given that Florida is a huge covid hotspot... maybe it's not her best life after all.
    A Spice Girls MMORPG would slap. A Fortnite collab would also slap.
    (Said in jest because obviously neither of these things would EVER happen... but they would slap.)
    Probably that they're bored.

    I can't see a Say You'll Be There 25 release, but a singles box set or at least getting them on streaming would be great and seems like a possibility.
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  16. I had a split-second thought of The Simpsons Hit and Run but make it the Spice Girls and... not totally against that idea.
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  17. I kinda think a clothing collaboration with H&M or Asos or something would be the perfect way to get both old and new fans on board. Older fans want better merch and gen z wants to look like the 90s and all they'd have to do is approve the designs
  18. Vicki screaming as soon as she’s in the car, “Hold on to your knickers, girls!” I’m here for it.
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