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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I preferred the album tracks from Spice, but in both cases they definitely picked the right singles.

    Still hovering over Forever unwilling to go there.
  2. What are your preconceptions about it? It’s worth going into it with an open mind, you might be pleasantly surprised!
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  3. If you go in without the expectations and knowing it leans heavily on the early-noughties Pop&B, you'll probably enjoy most of it. Holler is definitely a good representative of the album.
  4. Forever is Spice Girls without the spice. Holler, Goodbye, and If You Wanna Have Some Fun are great but the rest ranges from faceless to annoying.
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  5. I used to have a banging Thunderpuss mix of Tell Me Why.
  6. Forever is fine. It's not incredible like Spice and Spiceworld, but it's fine.
    Someone (maybe on here?) once noted that the issue with Forever is it's an album by Emma, Mel B, Mel C, and Victoria rather than Baby, Scary, Sporty, and Posh, which I agree with.
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  7. Just finishing the C4 documentary and my God, the bit about the coverage of the girls' weight loss/gain is really hard to watch. Scoring it to Toxic is absolutely bang on the money.
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  8. Indeed, just played it (AGAIN!!) earlier on, and the pop rush from it, never fades.
  9. Forever is great.
  10. Forever grows on you because its the last of only three studio albums. It helps satisfy your hunger for more after relistening to Spice and Spiceworld to death.

    About half of it really isn't that amazing though, if it wasn't the Spice Girls vocals on the below par tracks I'd probably never seek them out ever.
  11. Forever lacks personality, statement songs such as Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life (That's why people go hard defending W.O.M.A.N.). Holler is great at picking up a genre and "making it spice" as they did with Stop and Who Do You Think You Are for example but the rest is just good early 2000s Pop/R&B with vocals by Melanie C, Mel B, Emma and Victoria, not offensively bad but coming from two bulletpoof albums...
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  12. So glad they've finally showed that clip of Mel B calling out the blackface on that Dutch TV show.

    I wonder why they're only using audio from Giving You Everything.
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  13. Aah, I think that was my favourite of the 3 episodes to be honest. The framing of the girls' individual lives and careers against the series' conclusion was incredibly moving.
  14. Part 3 was amazing but it’s left me wanting even more.

    It was great for Mel B to be featured heavily and focusing on her speaking out against racism and overcoming the abuse she experienced from Eddie and Stefan.

    I found the ending very moving too. Thinking about how they have inspired the next generation and how that generation has taken things even further and speaking out against sexism and sexual abuse. Speaking about how men still hold so much power in the world and the media and showing Trump, Max Clifford, Simon Cowell, Epstein etc. chilling.

    What also gave me goosebumps for all the right reasons was all the footage of the 2019 shows. They were done so right and it was such a moment. I’m so glad I got to experience that live.

    The whole 3 part documentary just reinforced what a sheer force those 5 women are together.
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  15. Why isn't it on All4 to catch up on yet? Was any professional footage used for the final two tours in Episode 3?
  16. No.

    When it comes to Forever, this is all I tend to listen to:

    Tell Me Why
    Let Love Lead The Way
    If You Wanna Have Some Fun
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  17. I loved this three-parter, it's been a real eye opener. Lovely to see old footage in such good quality and refreshing to see things with a different spin.

    Disappointing to see certain familiar faces getting attention yet again though I wonder if any of their "clients" were watching...
  18. I would add Weekend Love and Right Back At Ya (and maybe remove Tell Me Why)
  19. This was such a good series. And it was a refreshing take on their story. Hearing from the likes of Miranda Sawyer (who went to my school FYI), Jayne Middlemiss (who I'd forgotten would have spent a lot of time with them back then on TOTP and The Ozone) and their lovely hair and make-up ladies etc was just such a breath of fresh air rather than it just being D-list celebs gushing about how much they loved them. What was Brian Sewell's beef with Victoria on that clip when he was really horrible about her?!
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