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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I think neither Victoria or Emma knew how to cope with Mel C’s odd behaviour and outbursts here. I guess the old dynamic of Mel B or Geri pretty much leading most TV interviews was missing and like you say Mel C hadn’t been in much contact with the girls. Painful to watch and sad she was facing issues at this stage.
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  2. I am loving Love Thing 12", it has a ridiculous amount of energy, even compared to the final version and it's even easier to see why it was nearly their debut.

    Plus it's nice to hear that the 'Bring that beat back" that Mel shouted on tour originated on the track, which I wasn't aware of previously.
  3. Love Thing, is just an total Spice Girls classic, and indeed very much the single that could have been.
  4. Props to Emma for mimicking the same sort of energy in an attempt to try and make it stand out a bit less.
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  5. It’s giving me that Bananarama interview where Siobhan is clearly drunk, Sara is constantly trying to shush her, and Keren is ignoring it and carrying on the interview.
  6. I really enjoyed that interview! Siobhan was just enjoying herself and having a laugh which fitted with TFI whereas Sara was trying to be all serious whilst Keren tried to hold it together. Shame we never got a performance from that mini reunion.
  7. Love Thing (12" Unlimited Groove Mix) is a great demo. In this quality sounds even better and I think is a great opportunity UMG include it as bonus track on Spice 25. This demo deserves his place.
  8. This is the first of the demos that I've really enjoyed. I love the more raw vocal delivery, it really works with the lyrics/melody. Just listened to the original, it's still cracking, but it's too polished and has lost the passion in their voices that the demo has.
  9. The production sounds closer to the 2019 live version than the original.
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  10. I absolutely LOVE this version of "Love Thing" - that guitar solo is a moment! Also, love them all yelling and screaming over the messy "love thing" repeats and then it switching to a very polished and blended "love thing" repeat after that.
  11. Episode 3 of the Spice Girls doc is now on Channel 4 catch-up but only the first 12 minutes!
  12. Did they take it off again? Nothing is showing up for me on All4.
    Edit: It shows up on the TV app but not the website.
  13. Yeah I was watching on tv. So irritating it shows 47mins on the menu but the actual programme is only 12mins.
  14. There was a fire at Channel 4's playout centre last weekend and they are in recovery mode because it has caused no end of problems.
  15. Very much here for the 12" Unlimited Groove Mix of Love Thing! Obviously not very polished but it's giving 'raw demo', 'funky 90s remix' and 'live jamming session' energy all at the same time. So much fun!

    I'm also here for the extended instrumental sections. And yes, hearing the origins of Mel B's "bring that beat back!" is such a nice little additional touch.
  16. It's just ace isn't it?
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  17. I could not find episode 2 online. Sadly as I am not from UK Channel 4 doesn't let me to see it. Can anyone help?

    P.S. I could not stop myself and saw epidote three already of course.
    P.P.S. By the way I think the material was there and they could even make is an 8 episode serie if they wanted.

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  18. Looking forward to this! I wonder if it will mainly be TOTP performances?
  19. Yes, this should be good!
  20. Seems they are showing performances of all the singles from different BBC shows in chronological order. Didn’t expect the Strictly performance of 2 Become 1 though.
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