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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. loving this strictly performance they look incredible
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  2. Loving the BBC show tonight!
    Liking the tidbits of information throughout too.
  3. Love that they showed the Noels House Party performance of " Who Do You Think You Are" where Geri misses her cue completely.
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  4. They missed out Mama, that was very surprising.
  5. Solo Spice is being included.
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  6. Not a dig at the girls, more at the BBC, but surprised watching how many of these performances that they didn’t sing live!
  7. I think of lot of the shows in the 90s didnt bother with live performances and relied on miming especially top of the pops

    out of your mind is an grade A banger
  8. Did not know Emma had a thing with Rio Ferdinand.
  9. I really enjoyed that gotta say!
  10. That was such a nostalgia trip. Had a mate round tonight and we both shared our experiences of spice mania whilst quaffing down a fair amount of vodka. Just stuck on Spice and grooving now
  11. That was such a great watch! I definitely wasn't expecting to see the performance from the Smash Hits Party or Live and Kicking! Can ITV and Channel 4 now do the same?
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  12. That was great to watch!
    I had no idea Love Thing was considered for the second single, it's funny how it went from being considered for both first and second single to not being a single at all.
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  13. That is true, but by the late 90s it was becoming more common to sing live. I do remember being annoyed that they almost always mimed. I don't think they sang live on UK TV at all until Stop on TOTP.
  14. Don't forget my own show is on YouTube

  15. I was hoping the 12” Unlimited Groove mix of Love Thing would be the version used on the SpiceWorld tour, but eh, this is fine too I guess.
  16. I was amazed Headlines got in there, I genuinely expected Holler to be the last performance.

    Always feel Headlines deserves some more airplay as its a genuinely beautiful track that gets looked down upon because it missed the Top ten and was released instead of an upbeat song. #justiceforheadlines
  17. Pros: The footage in HD. Great to watch! Good idea and lovely tribute from BBC.

    Cons: The comments and some cuts on the performances.
    WDYTYA/Mama at TOTP or Comic Relief would have been better choices.
  18. I’ve always found it so strange how they were (mostly) wearing their 2 Become 1 outfits for that Say You’ll Be There performance.
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