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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Every time I see all the old footage from those years of Spicemania, it really takes me back. Feel so lucky they were the first group I grew up with and related too.
  2. What a great celebration last night's BBC show was, even though it was billed as 'at the BBC' I was fully expecting it to all be TOTP, so to see Noel's House Party, Smash Hits, Live & Kicking and THAT Lottery performance was brilliant.

    I'd forgotten how hidden Dane was in all of those 'Out Of Your Mind' performances though, literally most of the backing dancers had higher billing.

    I'd have cut Headlines for a 'Mama' performance though, personally.
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  3. I think they needed Headlines to wrap up the story, but I would have ended it at the Olympics, personally; it was the BBC who aired it after all. Make it 15 minutes longer, throw in Mama, Let Love Lead The Way and a couple of solo number 1s and it would have been perfect, but I did enjoy every second of it. Watching it all back like that made me feel so proud - what a run!
  4. I thought the record label wanted it for the first single? Maybe I need to revisit my Spice history folder! haha. No hearing the demo you can see why as it really gets their personalities across well in a song.
  5. Yeah for the first single it was the record label that the wanted it but the girls wanted Wannabe.
    One of the popups during the Say You'll Be There performance yesterday said the girls weren't sure if it should be a single and almost went with Love Thing.
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  6. To grown up me back then Say You'll Be There felt like a Kavana rip off (MFEO) when it premiered but then I saw the video and it made sense. Banger.
  7. Last night was nothing we hadn't already seen, but it was still really fun to watch it packaged together like that, and to see them go from Wannabe to Headlines over the course of those 10+ years, with the initial solo stuff in between. That whole decade, what a rollercoaster journey! It just reminded me how much they and those songs have soundtracked my life; so many great memories came flooding back watching the performances.

    I still love the way each member of the group (at the time) went for a collaboration for their first foray outside of the band, and did it so successfully each time. Let's be honest: I Want You Back, When You're Gone, What I Am and Out Of Your Mind - that is a brilliant set of singles, and each one perfectly complements each girl's individual style and plays to their strengths. Looking back, we were so well fed!
  8. That run of Solo Spice Girls singles between 1998-2001, is almost like a iconic Greatest Hits of it's very own. So many classics.
  9. How do we get ITV to dig into their archives and air the full, unedited Istanbul show in HD?
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  10. I doubt they own the rights, they likely only secured a license for that airing. Same for the Olympics performance (and the IOC are notoriously hard to deal with). The BBC likely were producers for all these shows which makes it easier. It’s also probably why we only saw a brief snippet of the BRITs (as part of archive news footage).
  11. I’d love their An Audience With in glorious HD.
  12. Emma’s vocals on that What I am performance were so close to the studio version that I thought she was miming (like in 85% of the other performances that featured in the show ddd) until she threw in a “Lemme hear you sing!”

    That’s probably the best I’ve ever heard her sound - great performance.
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  13. What I Am, like Tin Tin Out's other hit cover version Here's Where The Story Ends, probably works better if you don't know the original. Neither adds anything at all.
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  14. Yes! But hopefully without that sound clip of the audience wooing cut and pasted throughout. It makes it hard to watch ddd
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  15. Finally caught part 3 of the documentary. Absolutely loved the parts where it showed them talking about what they would be up to when they were older and the accuracy. Made up that Melanie has endured the music industry all this time and nice that this gem got a little airing

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  16. Oh yes please to this!
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  17. Whyyyy did she not release this in the UK??
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  18. Absolutely living for Mel B’s mother watching the special and reminiscing just like the rest of us!

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  19. Love this!
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