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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It seems episode 3 still isn’t on All4. How’s everyone watching it?
  2. Just watching back footage from SpiceWorld 2019 and what a fucking amazing show it was. The chemistry between them, the banter, the energy, etc I genuinely feel bad for people who missed that show.

    I would’ve liked to see one album track from Forever make the set list, but other than that amazing show and hope they will consider touring again one day
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  3. According to Mel B in a clip posted a few pages back, they're planning to tour again in 2023. I realize she's not always a reliable source when it comes to Spice tours, but Mel C made a comment in an interview last year that she wanted them to tour again when it was possible. My personal theory is that they intended to take a break after the UK leg of the 2019 tour and then resume it with American and Asian/Australian legs, but obviously covid happened before they could come back.
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  4. Really enjoyed the BBC performance programme. Watching the performance back in a chronological order really showed how much they grew in performers, and in such a short space of time. It really did feel like they were around for such a long time, and when you see the performances back and realise some of these were a mere year apart is astounding.

    Would have loved the show to have ended with the Olympics performance, though. It was cute Headlines got it’s moment on the show, and rightly so for being part of the history, but you would’ve thought with BBC airing the closing ceremony they may have had the rights to the Olympics performance.
  5. Nah, I think Headlines was a fitting end, with the 5 of them coming back together for the first time. Besides, the show was called At The BBC and the Olympics wasn't a BBC production.
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  6. I can't see part 3 on All 4?! Am I missing something? haha
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  8. Is there anywhere else I can watch episode 3? I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet.
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  9. I'm on such a Spice Girls high at the moment, can't stop listening to their music. They truly were and still are, total incredible.
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  10. Genuine question.

    Why the hell isn’t “Spice Up Your Life” our national anthem?
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  11. Because people have no taste.
  12. Never a truer word spoken.
  13. [​IMG]

    I love this pic. It almost looks genuine.
  14. Wow, spookily it does! I do wonder if Forever would have been so R&B based if Geri had still been with the group.
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  15. I doubt it think it would’ve stayed fundamentally pop based and let’s be honest been so much better.
  16. True, and very true.
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  17. I don't think so; Geri talks about Forever's R&B sound here, and says it's not really her 'thing' as she's not into R&B music, and basically implies she would have objected to it.

    What's quite funny, of course, is that the debut album itself is quite R&B-influenced - just that it's an 'old-school' type of R&B as opposed to the turn-of-the-millenium Darkchild sound that drove Forever...
  18. Schizophonic was the third Spice album we deserved.
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  19. It really was, wasn't it?
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