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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Musically - but also lyrically. There's a playful quality to Geri's lyrics which is absent from much of Forever (and also the unreleased songs from 1999)
  2. Yes, Spice does have it's R&B feel, but in a different way and a more pop feel that Forever had too also I think.
  3. Finally getting to watch episode 3 of the documentary, it struck me how sad it is to see Mel B talking about racism quite casually and almost laughing it off. When she spoke about moving down south and getting hate mail telling her to go back to Brixton I could have cried for her.
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  4. Is this going to be sort of like when you walk into basically any shop these days and there is always Friends branded products and items containing everything and anything?
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  5. This really does go off.
  6. I can't help but completely agree!
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  7. That’s what I was thinking, but hopefully it’ll make it cheaper.
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  8. She wrote in one of her books (I think the second) that she was thankful she left because she would have been miserable making r&b, which implies she thinks/thought Forever would have been an r&b album even with her around.

    But then again, this is Geri, and she's said a lot of things and often contradicted herself.
  9. Interesting, never knew this. I always think for what it is, Forever is more than fine and does have some good songs on it. Just following the one two punch of Spice and Spiceworld, sort of leaves it in the cold somehow.
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  10. I have to say...and I probably am the only one in here but Forever is the only Spice Girls album I play regularly. Yes, it isn't a 'Spice Girls' album but I genuinely enjoy listening to to and before I know it I'm at 'Goodbye'.
  11. But then again I’m sure firecracker Geri would’ve stood up for some more pop centric songs. I mean, I’m sure even the label wouldn't have thought “Holler” would’ve worked with Geri back then.
  12. Geri released... Scream If You Wanna Get Faster a few months later so, maybe they dodged a bullet. Forever remains a slinky R&B pop capsule.
  13. I think it's a case of Geri bending reality a little. Don't forget the original tracks recorded for the third album before they went for a more R&B sound. Pain Proof, Loving On Your Mind, Day In Your Life and the original mix of Right Back At Ya sound more poppy and an evolution of Spiceworld.
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  14. Of all the songs on Forever, the only Geri sounding one, I'd say is If You Wanna Have Some Fun.
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  15. Well Geri was back for Headlines and that is nothing special. Could’ve fit on Forever.

    I would’ve liked to hear the girls on Mi Chico Latino though.

    If they didn’t fire Simon, I doubt the album would’ve been like Forever.
  16. If they didn't fire I doubt there would have been a third album.
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  17. Why
  18. I can't believe they used Geri's Noel's House Party mime fail on the BBC special haha.
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