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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Why
  2. I can't believe they used Geri's Noel's House Party mime fail on the BBC special haha.
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  3. I know, nice surprise though-never seen that moment before!
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The racism towards Mel B, Mel C dealing with intrusive questions about her sexuality, Victoria being weighed (??????) weeks after giving birth, and Emma's Howard Stern interview - the things these girls have had to put up with in their careers, disgusting. The documentary was so good, but the huge thing it was missing was input from the girls themselves.
  5. Finally caught up with episode 3 of the documentary...all three have been brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed them. So interesting to see behind the scenes and it was done from a totally different angle than I thought. Loved every minute and was gutted when it was over.
  6. Geri did Howard as well, and though she handled it better, it was still horrible.

    Mel B also did his show and she handled him, to be honest…
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  7. Finally watched Ep3 and it wasn’t as strong as the first 2 eps, I thought the last 10 minutes was thrown together last minute because they felt they hadn’t actually touched on how the Spice Girls literally “changed” Britain, well actually I thought it was quite clear when looking at it from a phenomenon perspective, anyone who grew up in the 90s will know that, but then to show lots of archive footage of the #MeToo movement felt like a bit of a reach.
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  8. I must admit, it did lack something compared to the first 2 episodes.
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  9. The first 2 episodes took me back and made me feel like it was the 90s again, I guess nostalgia got the better of me dd.
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  10. Same here for me to be honest. Just made me feel so privileged to be part of Spicemania growing up there and then in my own small way.
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  11. The Spice story isn't interesting after Forever anyway.
  12. The 4 remaining Spice Girls were really mean toGeri once she left (which I get to an extent) and it really put me off them. I distinctly remember them constantly slagging her off and laughing at her in interviews etc. It wasn’t a good look.
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  13. At least they seem to have made their peace long since.
  14. I know what you mean. It was nothing out and out mean (like when Mel C was hating on her in a solo capacity), but little digs and 'jokes' like this one:
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  15. Emma really loved that Purple dress. She has it for a lot of performances.
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  16. Both Emma and Victoria looked fab during this time especially I think.
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  17. I'm now 99% convinced Geri runs their socials.
  18. Victoria was on Good Morning America and once again said her passion is not in performing anymore when asked about a new reunion tour.

    Obviously not surprising.
  19. They need to move on now without her, its a different ballgame now to 2018 and before when we had no idea how a Posh-less Spice Girls would be perceived.

    As long as both parties are on good terms its all good.
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  20. I agree, all about moving forward now.
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