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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Grim. The opposition they faced as individuals - let alone as a group of women in the music industry - makes their success so much sweeter.
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  2. Edit: Sorry for the negativity.
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  3. He


    Or maybe let people do whatever they want with their body and image.

    This type of comment is exactly what that last documentary series shed light on.
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    What we will not be doing is commenting on what a woman is or is not doing to her face. It's literally none of your business and if you persist in this line of discussion I will not hesitate to ban you from the thread.
  5. Wow! Hope you look back in shame on that post soon.

    Anyway! I loved watching her on GMA and seeing her playful personality. I’d love if she wanted to join the girls again, but given that she wants to do other things more, I’m glad she’s sticking to her guns. After all, she can do whatever she wants. What she really, really wa—SORRY!
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  6. MB


    That really did seem like a definite answer.
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  7. She'll be back! Even just coming out in an LBD for a Wannabe finale would be perfect.
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  8. I still adore her sense of humour!
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  9. Listen up, I gotta tell ya...
    "Last Time Lover (Demo)" looks set to be the final pre-release track. No date visible and the play buttons just lead to their artist page at the moment, but I imagine it'll probably be released Friday.
  10. She's great isn't she?
  11. They're obviously not essential as they're already on streaming/CDs but it really annoys me that Bumper To Bumper and Baby Come Round are missing from the second CD, for completion's sake. Also may as well have popped Wannabe (Demo) on there as there wasn't a Wannabe 25 CD (and Love Thing & 2 Become 1 demos as they'd leaked anyway).

    Still, I can't complain at getting a couple of demos/mixes we'd not heard before, Feed My Love, and a lot of pretty packaging this year, it's more than we've had in terms of physical media to collect since... 2007?
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  12. Yes, the Spice 25 set does look good for what it is.
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  13. Wonder what it'll be! The use of "Say You'll Be There" makes me wonder if it'll be related to the music video? Perhaps they'll be re-purposing some of the backstage footage from sources like "One Hour of Girl Power!" for social media content.
  14. How vague!
  15. Pat


    Isn't there an official alternate video of Say You'll Be There? Pretty sure I've seen that once.
  16. There is, yeah - it removes the bondage scenes.
  17. Wonder what it will end up being??
  18. What I'm manifesting: the cut Istanbul songs
    What we'll get: The short BTS footage from One Hour
  19. Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the single release of Say You'll Be There, so I'm going to guess it's probably the behind the scenes footage from One Hour of Girl Power.
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