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Spice Girls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Anything in there about new spice girl music?

    I would love a Spice Girl biopic movie:

    Geri – emma stone

    Mel b - Yara Shahidi

    Emma – elle fanning

    Melc - Bailee Madison

    Victoria - brigette lundy-paine
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  2. My SpiceWorld25 pipe dream is the Channel 5 song ddd
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  3. Right. That's what I thought too.

    But Biffco said in his Instagram Live some months ago that there's a lot of unreleased tracks from Spiceworld era...
  4. Naked, is a truly an moment and almost as iconic as any of their singles I think.
  5. I wanna cry. These babies finally reached my place after more than a whole month of sitting in the post because they "completely thought they had been delivered."

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  6. Not the girls reuniting for a crappy mobile game Ad!

  7. It's very on brand for them, Simon Fuller would be proud!
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  8. “I know you said it was going to be tacky, but this is…tacky.”
  9. It's so good to see them together even if it is for... that.
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  10. Victoria would never do this to us.
    This reminds me I'm still waiting for my Wannabe 25 cassette to ship. Yes I'm going to keep whining about this forever.
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  11. I'm sorry, but I'm not agree. I think it's a funny silly advert as Walkers, Impulse, Pepsi... that's all!

    I enjoy every time I see them together no matter what.
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  12. I think it's disappointing as they could barely muster up an Instagram story (excl. Mel C) for the re-release of their album... you know, the music they are known for... but will jump at the chance to promote this.

    This can also dispel any 'They're not promoting xyz as when they're together it needs to be a big event!'
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  13. They look so natural as this 4 piece.
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  14. Obsessed with everyone in full Spice uniform meanwhile Geri’s there in a bridal gown.
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  15. I hope they got millions for this…part of the Spice magic is that it’s a moment every time they’re all together
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  16. They all still look great and always fun to see them together, I will say that.
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  17. Them ads are so cringy but alot of big celebrities are doing them, Hopefully there will be more Spice Girls projects in the pipeline besides selling their image
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  18. They didn't do a track by track commentary for Spice 25, but they did this.............
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