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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by james1986, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. It has literally just come into my thoughts, that perhaps they tactically released two b-sides for Too Much, because they wanted to ensure that the Christmas Number 1 was in the bag (despite it being on the same CD rather than spread out on both CD's, for extra sales)
    You're right though, they are certainly two of the best b-sides for me, especially Walk of Life.
  2. I never thought about them doing it to ensure the #1, so I've always wondered why they used both b-sides on Too Much when there was apparently nothing left for Stop.
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  3. Spice: Take Me Home
    Spiceworld: Outer Space Girls
    Forever: My Strongest Suit*
    (*I know is not a B-Side, but could had been)

    Quite interesting detail about the extra footage recorded on Mama video set, same as SYBT and 2 Become 1 ones shared on social media, they're all on 16:9.
  4. Had Stop had a couple of new B-Sides on it, that maybe just maybe, would have done the difference getting to #1. But then again, maybe not.
  5. “Take Me Home” is hands down their best b-side. Should’ve been on the album proper.

    Great shirt, but not $45 (pre tax) great!
  6. Stop just needed to be moved to a different week.
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  7. First week sales:
    242,796 - Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - It’s Like That
    115,000 - Spice Girls - Stop

    I doubt that the inclusion of B Sides would have seen them sell more than double what they managed to sell.

    Even though Viva Forever didn’t have B Sides either, it sold 277,911 in its first week (which was even more copies than Too Much with its two B sides - 252,000). So I don’t think the track lists were the main issue, it’s just that Stop sadly didn’t connect to the extent that all their other 90s singles did at the time of its release.

    A big “if only” scenario is that if Stop had been released a week earlier, then it might have had a stronger chance of making it to #1. The #1 a week earlier (Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On) sold 112,000, so it could have been a close run battle.

    Thankfully the streaming era has given justice to Stop! After being silver certified for almost 18 years, it finally went gold in January 2016 - and then platinum in August 2020. The last official total given by OCC was 638,000 in March 2021, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had exceeded 690,000 by now. Its sales in the 90s were approaching 335,000.
  8. Stop many have "only" peaked at #2, but still feels more iconic and loved than many an #1. Including a couple of their very own.
  9. The 5 solo cover vinyl seem to have had a second pressing with slightly different colours if anyone’s a huge collector.
    8AE9DE45-C702-47F4-B854-AC85D76245FB.jpeg AEE7A4C5-77DE-4A5B-810A-ADD94113D8E1.jpeg
    C23FAA9C-2005-4590-B98B-7BCB25A61AF4.jpeg 9FF7432D-63E5-41BF-A2B1-9E965E314E64.jpeg CFD6644B-76BA-43A8-8E7E-376005DF1CF7.jpeg
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  10. They really kept themselves busy that day!
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  11. Get those COINS!!!!!
  12. These ads make me think of a Spiceworld the Movie sequel.
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  13. Stop is one of their most iconic and recognizable singles.
  14. Different supplier or the colour changes with each pressing because there's no way to repeat excactly the same colours (as you would with a Pantone scale one for example).
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  15. Exactly. Which is an legacy in itself, number one or not.
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  16. And because some mugs will buy them again
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  17. I don't think they've been advertised as new variants but yeah.
  18. ‘Buy now, the Omicron variant of Spice.’ Haha.
  19. This reminded me of pictures posted on a certain Facebook group the other day:



    ^ Bought by just one person! All the vinyl because they wanted to find the newer colours. They bought the cassettes because they wanted the letters on the spines to be perfectly alligned, ha. I didn't even realise that the allignments of the cassette spines differed quite a lot. My copies aren't perfectly aligned, but thankfully I can cope with that...!

    The total of all those products must be around £1000! Whatever makes them happy, I guess.
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